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Day: 6 April 2020

New project of FIT BUT and FSS MUNI will provide feedback to psychotherapists


Deep learning, automatic speech recognition technology, natural language computer processing and expert coding will help with feedback for psychotherapists. "Speech researchers" from the Speech@FIT group, together with researchers from the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University have received a grant from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic for their project of machine analysis of therapeutic sessions recordings. "Psychotherapy requires continuous decision-making and constant evaluation of the course of the psychotherapeutic process by the psychotherapist. In practice, however, psychotherapists burdened by a lack of immediate feedback to support this decision-making process. The aim of the project is to create a software that will enable automated analysis of audio recordings from psychotherapeutic sessions and thus provide psychotherapists with feedback on the course of these sessions in a short time," explains Pavel Matějka, leader of the project at FIT.

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