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Day: 24 April 2020

Release of measures against the spread of coronavirus


Individual consultations, practical training and practise at the university or university libraries are allowed since April 27 according to new government resolution. This applies to students of all grades, in groups of a maximum of five people. The personal presence of students in other forms of teaching and examinations is still prohibited.

The resolution allows access to the faculty to students of all grades under the same conditions as it was allowed to the final years students from Monday: Students can enter the faculty or other BUT building only if they have not a quarantine measure ordered at the given time, they will have a valid affidavit (in BUT IS) that they do not show signs of viral infectious diseases, will disinfect their hands at the entrance and will wear respiratory protective equipment all the time. For further information plese click HERE.

However, allowing individual study activities for students does not mean opening the faculty to all students. Students will be allowed a personal presence only after prior agreement with the teacher, the library, or after registering for the presence exam. See HERE.

At FIT, an individual consultations with teachers under the age of 45 are hereby permitted from 27 April 2020, by prior (e-mail or telephone) agreement. A library is also available for all students, in the same mode as for the students in the last year of study. We are also currently working intensively on the possibility of obtaining a confirmation of study electronically.

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