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Day: 18 September 2020

BUT will start with day-time teaching, from the second week it will move as much as possible to online teaching

Due to the worsening situation regarding the spread of coronavirus, the BUT management decided to make changes in the organization of teaching. In an effort to protect the health of students and employees of the Brno University of Technology, therefore, part of the teaching will gradually move to the online courses.

From the second week onwards, which starts on September 28, the maximum of teaching will be moved online. This applies especially to large lectures, which can be adjusted to this form without major problems. BUT faculties and departments will decide which of the training, seminars and laboratories must be kept in a day-time form, and these will take place in compliance with strict hygienic rules.

At the same time, please observe all points arising from the previous Rector's Regulation. We also draw attention to the obligation to wear masks during classes.

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