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Day: 10 February 2021

FIT students' apps: alcohol consumption and seating charts


Applications that keep track of how many drinks you have had at the bar, find the nearest public toilet or help you draw random numbers. These are just some of the apps developed by students within the TAM course supervised by Adam Herout. Here are details about some of them:

  • Leave it to chance - an app that allows you to randomly draw items from a customised list, be it numbers, pictures or text
  • BoozePlanner - keep an eye on the amount of alcohol you drink at the bar and how much you pay for it. This app will also help you estimate your blood alcohol level
  • Loo Locator - the application includes a list of the 20 nearest public toilets according to the user's current position and a map with more than 1,000 available toilets
  • Simple Classroom Seating chart & Activity tracker - a seating chart designed for teachers who can use it to monitor their students' activities via a mobile device

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