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Day: 22 November 2023

Tom Barbette from UCLouvain in Belgium will give a presentation at FIT: High-speed stateful packet processing


We are happy to invite to yet another inspirative presentation. Tom Barbette, Assistant Professor at UCLouvain in Belgium, will visit our faculty and give a lecture: High-speed stateful packet processing. It will take place on 29 November 2023 at 11 am, in room E 105 at FIT BUT.

The presentation addresses the challenges in efficiently implementing stateful network functions, essential building blocks for high-speed network functions such as load balancing, traffic management, and monitoring.

Tom Barbette is an Assistant Professor at UCLouvain in Belgium and in his research, he focuses primarily on high-speed networking and acceleration of network functions. After completing his Ph.D., he continued to a 3-year post-doc at the Networked Systems lab of Dejan Kostic at KTH, Sweden, which was followed by a year post-doc at the IP Networking Lab at UCL, Belgium. His work in areas such as efficient load balancing (RSS++, Cheetah), packet processing optimization (PacketMill, Packet Order Matters, Ribosome), and advanced network scheduling (Reframer) has been recognized and presented at prestigious conferences like NSDI, CoNEXT, and ACM SIGCOMM. His aim is to innovate the Internet with new but backward-compatible features based on novel programmable network infrastructure, such as SmartNICs and P4.

More about his work here:

Packet Order Matters!
RSS ++

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