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Day: 23 December 2023

BUT Rector's statement on the tragic events at Charles University


The events at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University, in the realization of the horror of the act, shook the consciousness of perhaps all people with their incredibility and hurt us all deeply. The gradual uncovering of the circumstances of the crime makes it completely incomprehensible and illustrates its monstrosity, which is further enhanced by the pre-Christmas period. Horror, sadness, sympathy, participation, the need to help and indignation at the injustice are the strongest feelings that this misfortune evokes in us. The injustice that has befallen the unsuspecting victims whose lives have been ended and the injured, who will hopefully be lucky to make it through their fight for health and life. The practical helplessness in anticipating such personal failings makes this misfortune all the more incomprehensible and unbelievable.

This tragic event made 21 December 2023 a black day in the history of Czech higher education, which will also be forever and indelibly inscribed in the history of the Czech nation.

Personally, I am deeply affected by this event. I am sorry for the lives of the innocent victims and I express my deepest condolences to the bereaved. I wish the injured from the bottom of my heart that they will manage their fight for life and health and return to our midst as soon as possible. On behalf of Brno University of Technology, all our staff, and students, I express my full support for Charles University. At the same time, I appreciate the deployment of emergency and rescue services to secure the situation.

At our University, I have taken operational measures to review the security setup and have called on the management of faculties, university institutes and units to cooperate and pay increased attention to security in the buildings and campuses of the university. I have also asked them to monitor information and join the initiatives to support Charles University which are being organised by Charles University itself.

In the context of this event, we are also all the more aware of the need to pay increased attention to the system of support and counselling for students and staff in distress or in psychological difficulties, even at this Christmas time and at the time of examinations, because all problems in the world always have a reasonable and humane solution.

Ladislav Janíček

Statement of the Czech Rectors Conference on the tragic incident at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

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