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Day: 20 November 2019

Faculty of Information Technology developed a unique system for ŠKODA AUTO


In co-operation with the ŠKODA AUTO automobile plant in Mladá Boleslav, the Aeroworks research group from the Faculty of Information Technology of BUT developed a unique system enabling the company's technical development staff to design various user interfaces.

"Thanks to the system we created, technical development staff can easily design the appearance of the interface and the information that will appear not only on the dashboard, but also in the infotainment module or head up display. This allows us to easily adapt everything to the customer's preferences," explains Peter Chudý from the Aeroworks research group.

The automobile plant will now be examining in customer tests what type of displays is the most attractive, clear and safe for the users. Petr Štěpánek, the Rector of BUT, also tested the car that will serve as a mobile laboratory at the Faculty of Information Technology last week.

The unique system is a result of two-year research co-operation between ŠKODA AUTO and the faculty. "The project of the prototyping framework will serve for designing and verifying new user interfaces of future vehicles. Thanks to this framework, we can shorten the development cycle and thus agilely respond to the latest trends in the area of HMI, specifically the human - car interface. We would like to continue our co-operation with experts from FIT BUT in the future, especially in the area of innovations for autonomous mobility," said Vít Neruda of ŠKODA AUTO.


Author: Nečasová Hana, Mgr.

Last modified: 2020-04-27T16:34:07

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