Faculty of Information Technology, BUT

Doc. Dr. Ing.

Jan Černocký

Head of Department

+420 54114-1284
Office L221.2



  • 1995 - 98: Joint Czech-French doctoral fellowship "co-tutelle" at the Institute of Radioelectronics, VUT Brno, and Department of Signals and Telecommunications, ESIEE Paris, France. Directors: Vladimir Sebesta (VUT Brno), Gerard Chollet (ENST Paris). Thesis: "Speech Processing Using Automatically Derived Segmental Units: Applications to Very Low Rate Coding and Speaker Verification" defended at Orsay University (France) on December 18, 1998, with honors and congratulations of jury.
  • 1994 - 95: DEA (Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies) at the University Paris XI, Faculty of Sciences, Orsay, France. Specialty "Signal processing and Sensors". DEA finished in September 95 with "very good" evaluation, ranking 2nd in the specialty.
  • 1993 - 94: Post-graduate studies at the Institute of Radioelectronics, VUT Brno.
  • 1988 - 93: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (FEI) of VUT Brno. Studies finished with a "red diploma" (award for excellent results throughout the 5 years) and the Electrical engineer (Ing.) degree.

Professional career

  • Jan. 2008 - now: Associate professor at FIT BUT. Head of Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia.
  • November 2003: Associate professorship at FIT BUT
  • Feb. 2002 - Nov. 2007: Assistant professor, then associate professor at FIT BUT. Deputy head of Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia.
  • Oct. 1997 - Jan 2002: Assistant professor at the Institute of Radioelectronics FEI BUT.
  • Sept. 1994 - Sept. 1997: Technical staff at the Institute of Radioelectronics FEI BUT.
  • June - July 1993: Part-time research and development engineer, SECMAT N.T., La Verriere, France.

Stays abroad

  • 3/1993-7/1993 France - ESIEE Paris diploma project (Tempus exchange).
  • 9/1994-7/1998 France - Université Paris-Sud/ESIEE DEA, 3 stays (each 6 months) during the PhD.
  • 2/2001-9/2001 USA - Oregon Graduate Inst. post-doc research internship, Anthropic Speech Processing Group

Research interests

signal processing, speech data mining (speech recognition, speaker verification, language recognition), speech data.



  • IEEE Senior Member
  • ISCA (International speech communication assocation)

Other interests

family, music (clarinet, folklore ensemble Javornik Brno), RC airplanes (my hangar), skis, hiking, bike.

My favorite links

The Honza story

People keep asking me if my name is Jan, Honza, both or whatever happened that I was Jan before and Honza now... Here is the story:
  • Honza is a Germanized form of Jan: Jan -> Hans -> Honza, here in Czech it is very common familiar way to call Jans. To be clear: really all Jans. So, 'Jan' is in my papers but no one ever calls me like that.
  • HOWEVER: Jan is easy to pronounce for foreigners, so when I did the PhD thesis in France, I used to call myself 'Jan' (French people even can't say 'h' ;-)
  • BUT: when I came to Hynek Hermansky's lab at OGI back in 2001, he called me Honza (of course, as he's Czech) and started to introduce me to other people also as 'Honza'! As you know, Hynek's social network is huge, so soon, more people abroad knew me as 'Honza' than as 'Jan'. 
  • Finally I started to use it abroad too, though it causes some occasional problems with people I knew in the pre-Hynek period ;-). In Oct 2006 I put it even to "Sender name" in my e-mail software.
  • Conclusion: Jan=Honza. Use the one you prefer.
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