Martin Hrubý


Assistant professor

+420 54114 1140
A304 Office
3034/BUT personal ID


Consulting hours

Tuesday, -,

Almost anytime if announced and confirmed in advance. 

Guaranteed courses

THE Game Theory
Czech, winter, DITS
IZA Programming Apple Devices
Czech, English, summer, DITS

Lectured courses

IMS Modelling and Simulation
Lecture, Project, Seminar, Czech, English, winter, DITS
ITU User Interface Programming
Lecture, Czech, English, winter, DCGM
ITUe User Interface Programming (in English)
Lecture, English, winter, DCGM
IZA Programming Apple Devices
Lecture, Project, Seminar, Czech, English, summer, DITS
SNT Simulation Tools and Techniques
Project, Czech, summer, DITS
THE Game Theory
Lecture, Project, Czech, winter, DITS
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