Prof. Ing.

Tomáš Hruška



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  • 1978 - Graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, TU Brno, (diploma thesis - Error correction in parsing).
  • 1984 - Finished his CSc. with thesis Semantic modelling of Programming Languages and Using Models in Compiler Implementation.

Professional career

  • Since 1978 works at the Department of Computers FEI Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic (now Faculty of Information Technology).
    • 1978-1990 researcher,
    • 1990-1991 assistant professor,
    • 1991-1998 associated professor,
    • since 1998 full professor,
    • 2002-2007 as the first dean of the faculty and
    • since 2008 as the vice-dean for reasearch.
  • In 1978-1983 dealt with the research in the area of compiler implementation for simulation languages. He was concentrated mainly on tools for compiler design automization in this field. He proposed and implemented the compiler generator system for scanners and LL-1 parsers CGS-1. Designed a method of internal model construction for compiled program; the method is derived from database technologies and uses modified E-R graphs for formal definition of a translation. These activities are summarised in his CSc. thesis and used in the implementation of compiler for process-oriented simulation language EC SOL. The language together with the model synthesis method was used in the course of Modelling and simulation and in research projects of the department up to 1990. Within this period he taught laboratories and exercises in courses of Grammars and languages, Compilers, and Programming.
  • In 1983-1989 as a researcher on Department of Computers he concentrated on design and implementation of both general-purpose (Pascal for EC computers) and problem oriented languages (SFDL - language for digital circuits structure and function description). The research was hold in cooperation with VUMS Praha. He implemented the compiler generator based on LALR(1) grammars and Pascal language in cooperation with Ing. Benes. Since 1987 he participated on the project of C language compiler for DOS-4 and UNIX operating systems in cooperation with PVT Brno and VUMS Praha. His teaching activities was devoted to the courses of Grammars and languages and Programming.
  • Since 1990 he worked as assistant professor, since 1991 worked as associate professor and since 1998 up to now has worked as full professor. Continued in the research of graph models and solved the problem of formal definition of program translation into an internal form, leading to the methodics of modelling using attributed root graphs with graph-supported transformations. A specialized language aLean for description of graph transformations has been designed and implemented.
  • Since 1990 he worked on the implementation of economic information systems. He was a member of a research team that has created the method and implementation of tools for rapid prototyping of information systems over relational data model and implemented commercially successful information system IZUS (now around 200 installations). Solved the problem of information system for study and professional consultations at universities. He dealt with an implementation of an object-oriented database systems as a tool for modern information systems design now.
  • Since 2005 he works on the implementation of the Lissom project. The Lissom project is focused on the research of a microprocessor description language and methods for transformation of microprocessor models. These methods will be used for the design of the advanced software toolset, which would make the development more efficient and, in some aspects, fully automated.

Research interests

  • Formal models
  • Information a database systems
  • OLAP technology
  • Formal languages and automata
  • Compilers and programming languages
  • Tools and programming of embedded systems
  • Hardware/software co-design, Lissom project



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Other interests

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