Jaroslav Rozman


Assistant professor

+420 54114 1190
A223 Office
16502/BUT personal ID



Consultation by prior arrangement by email

Guaranteed courses

ROBa Robotics (in English)
English, winter, DITS

Lectured courses

IEL Electronics for Information Technology
Laboratory exercise, Czech, English, winter, DITS
ITY Typography and Publishing
Project, Czech, English, summer, DITS
IZP Introduction to Programming Systems
Exercise in computer lab, Project, Czech, English, winter, DIFS
IZU Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
Project, Czech, English, summer, DITS
IZUe Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (in English)
Exercise in computer lab, English, winter, DITS
ROBa Robotics (in English)
Laboratory exercise, Lecture, Project, English, winter, DITS
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