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BUT System for CHiME-6 Challenge

ŽMOLÍKOVÁ Kateřina, KOCOUR Martin, LANDINI Federico Nicolás, BENEŠ Karel, KARAFIÁT Martin, VYDANA Hari K., LOZANO Díez Alicia, PLCHOT Oldřich, BASKAR Murali K., ŠVEC Ján, MOŠNER Ladislav, MALENOVSKÝ Vladimír, BURGET Lukáš, YUSUF Bolaji, NOVOTNÝ Ondřej, GRÉZL František, SZŐKE Igor and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. BUT System for CHiME-6 Challenge. In: Proceedings of CHiME 2020 Virtual Workshop. Barcelona: University of Sheffield, 2020, pp. 1-3. Available from:
Czech title
Systém VUT v Brně pro CHiME-6 Challenge
conference paper

diarization, neural network, acoustic model, language model, enhancement


This paper describes BUTs efforts in the development of the system for the CHiME-6 challenge with far-field dinner party recordings [1]. Our experiments are on both diarization and speech recognition parts of the system. For diarization, we employ the VBx framework which uses Bayesian hidden Markov model with eigenvoice priors on x-vectors. For acoustic modeling, we explore using different subsets of data for training, different neural network architectures, discriminative training, more robust i-vectors, and semi-supervised training on Vox- Celeb data. Besides, we perform experiments with a neural network-based language model, exploring how to overcome the small size of the text corpus and incorporate across-segment context. When fusing our best systems, we achieve 41.21 % / 42.55 % WER on Track 1, for development and evaluation respectively, and 55.15% / 69.04 % on Track 2, for development and evaluation respectively.

Proceedings of CHiME 2020 Virtual Workshop
The 6th International Workshop on Speech Processing in Everyday Environments, Barcelona - Virtual Workshop - satelite event to ICASSP 2020, ES
University of Sheffield
Barcelona, ES
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