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Microsoft Windows Server Systems

IW2 Acad. year 2023/2024 Summer semester 5 credits

  • Detailed insight into TCP/IP, routing, NAT and Windows Firewall.
  • Active Directory: user and computer accounts, OUs, user groups, Group Policy and management of user environments, security and delegation, administrative tasks scripting, remote software installation and Remote Installation Services,
  • backup and restore, troubleshooting hardware,
  • IIS. Introduction to security and cryptography, EFS, introduction to IPSec and VPN (PPTP and L2TP).


Course coordinator

Language of instruction

Czech, English


Credit+Examination (written)

Time span

  • 26 hrs lectures
  • 26 hrs pc labs

Assessment points

  • 80 pts final exam (60 pts written part, 20 pts test part)
  • 20 pts numeric exercises




Learning objectives

To obtain strong knowledge about administering, implementing and designing Microsoft Windows server systems and network technologies based on the technologies. The course will provide students with hands-on practice in the lab environment. The course will provide guidance for preparation for Microsoft certification exams for server systems.

Ability to implement, manage, maintain and support Microsoft Windows server systems as well as troubleshoot common issues. General insight into problems of computer networks and their implementation.

Why is the course taught

This course is follow up the IW1 course and focused on Windows Server technology. This course is practically oriented. It is based on theoretical knowledge, which student should get in courses about operation systems, computer networks, computer security etc. You can get knowledge of how to set up computer networks in Windows environment, secure it, provide installation and setup, but also troubleshooting.

The successful student can obtain industry-recognized Microsoft certification.

Recommended prerequisites

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Common user ability to work with Microsoft Windows. Basic knowledge of administration based on the IW1 course.

Study literature

  • Petr Šetka: Mistrovství v Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Ze začínajícího správce expertem. ISBN: 80-251-0036-7
  • Francis, Dishan. Mastering Active Directory : automate tasks by leveraging PowerShell for Active Directory Domain Services 2016. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing, 2017.
  • Moskowitz, Jeremy. Group policy : fundamentals, security, and the managed desktop. Indianapolis, Ind: Wiley, 2010.

Syllabus of lectures

  1. Installation and upgrade, Minimal system requirements, RIS, sysprep a riprep - server part, RIS Installation and configuration, WDS, Other imaging software
  2. Hardware and server performance, support server hardware, RAID, hardware differences from the station, multi-processor support. Device Manager Botlencsk subsystems - processor, memory, disk, network, Task manager, System monitor a Performance logs and alerts console
  3. Windows update services, skript, GPO distribution , Hotfix deployment methods, WUS (SUS) instalation and administration, MBSA
  4. Server network services (DHCP, TCP/IP), scopes, DHCP options, reservations, leases
  5. Server name services (WINS a DNS), DNS resource types, root servers, DNS actualization
  6. Active directory architecture, application, concepts: Sites, forest, domain, domain tree, Global catalogue AD installation a promotion to DC/member server
  7. Domain accounts, Default domain groups and users, Account properties, user profiles, computers in the AD.
  8. Distributed file system (DFS), resources structure, distribution
  9. Group policy objects (GPO), Gpupdate, gpmc, Security Configuration Tool Set.
  10. Internet information services (IIS), WWW, virtual directory, scripts support, web configuration 
  11. Resolving problems with access to network resources, disk quotas, permissions, network availability
  12. Restore and backup, Automatic recovery, shadow copies, network services backup
  13. Terminal services and remote administration, terminal services licencing, Remote desktop sessions maintaining

Progress assessment

For entering the exam, students have to get at least 20 points from the semester.

Attendance at any forms of education is optional. Exercises can be substituted in any other term (but we can not guarantee free space in the classroom - priority is given to enrolled students).

Exam prerequisites

For entering the exam, students have to get at least 20 points from the semester.


Fri lecture 2., 3., 4., 5. of lectures C304 08:0012:5090 2BIA 2BIB 3BIT xx Pluskal
Fri comp.lab 2., 3., 4. of lectures C304 13:0016:5020 2BIA 2BIB 3BIT xx Pluskal

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme BIT, 2nd year of study, Elective
  • Programme BIT (in English), 2nd year of study, Elective
  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, 2nd year of study, Elective
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