Assessment of foreign education

The following procedure does not apply to applicants who received their education in the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany and applicants who completed secondary or Master’s studies in Slovenia. Education certificate from these countries is automatically equivalent to the education certificate issued in the Czech Republic.

Assessment of foreign education within the admissions

As a higher education institution possessing institutional accreditation, BUT may assess foreign education of applicants within the admission procedure to all faculties and university institutes of BUT. However, such assessment of education only assesses whether the applicant for studies at BUT meets the condition of completing previous education pursuant to Section 48 of Act No. 111/1998, Coll., on higher education institutions and amending and supplementing other laws (Act on Higher Education Institutions) (hereinafter the “Act”) for assessment to a specific programme. Assessment of education within the admission procedure to BUT does not mean recognition of either education generally applicable in the Czech Republic or at other higher education institutions in the Czech Republic or abroad.

The assessment of the foreign education must be requested by the applicant. When assessing foreign education, BUT shall proceed in accordance with Section 48 of the Act and Directive no. 11/2019. For acts related to the assessment of foreign education, an applicant must pay fee in the amount which is determined for the relevant admission procedure by the Rector's Decision no. 2/2023 (for the academic year 2024/2025, available only in czech language) .

Procedure for submitting the request:

  1. The applicant fills in the request form and sends it to the faculty to which he/she is applying together with the education certificate (an officially certified copy of the original counterpart). The authenticity of the signatures and stamps on the education certificate must be certified according to the conditions of the country where the institution at which the applicant has obtained the education has its seat. The request form can also be found in the electronic application. The request has to be submitted separately for each electronic application.
  2. Simultaneously with submitting the request, the applicant shall pay the fee. The payment information can be found in the applicant´s electronic application. The applicant is obliged to pay the fee for each request submitted.
  3. In addition to the education certificate, the faculty may require other documents, specifically:
    1. certified translation of the certificate;
    2. supplementary information on the contents and scope of studies;
    3. certificate issued by the relevant foreign institution or a different competent foreign authority proving that the graduate is eligible for admission into a programme in said foreign country;
    4. certificate of the relevant foreign authority that the relevant institution is authorised to provide required education in said foreign country.
  4. After the applicant has submitted all necessary documents, the documented education shall be assessed as to whether it meets the condition of completing previous education necessary for admission to the relevant programme required by the Act. The faculty will accept the certificate if it has no doubts that the applicant has proven that he/she meets the admission conditions.
  5. The applicant will be notified of the result of the assessment.
  6. If the certificate has not been accepted, the applicant is requested to submit a certificate of general recognition of education in the Czech Republic (link to validations of foreign degrees -
  7. If the applicant fails to deliver the necessary documents, expresses his/her will not to continue the proceedings or he/she ceases to co-operate in the proceedings, the applicant shall be considered as if he/she did not prove his/her education within the admission procedure.
  8. The fee that has already been paid shall not be refunded in the cases specified in paragraphs 6 and 7 and its payment cannot be included in the fee for any request for general recognition of education (“validation”).

Nostrification of secondary level education

Official recognition of education is effected upon application filed by the foreign educational institution graduate at the Department of Education of the Regional Authority in the region where the applicant has permanent residence in the Czech Republic. The validation is based on the submitted original counterpart of the foreign school-leaving certificate or diploma or its officially authenticated copy. In case the contents and scope of the subjects taught is not evident from the foreign school-leaving certificate or diploma, the applicant has to submit a framework contents of the study programme as well.


Nostrification of university education

The procedure for the recognition of foreign higher education can be found on the BUT website  and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports website.

Confirmation of the entity receiving foreigners from third countries in the Czech Republic for the purpose of educational activities

To obtain a confirmation of an entity receiving foreigners from third countries in the Czech Republic for educational activities, please first fill in the form in the BUT IS, or print out and fill in this form and send with an verified signature and proof of insurance to the FIT Study Department. The document will then be issued to you by the Study Department.

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