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Are you working on innovative IT solutions? Are you creating new IT technologies? Do you use advanced IT practices and technologies? Become a FIT Partner and take advantage of state-of-the-art technology and the latest IT and scientific and research capabilities of our experts. Co-organize student events, offer exciting themes for student projects, and get in touch with students. Be on the FIT to see!

Let's show students future trends in IT together.

FIT BUT is looking for partners from the application domain for long-term cooperation, when either:

  1. scientific and research activities of academicians, researchers and/or doctoral students are very beneficial for the industrial partner, especially in searching for or verifying the capabilities of new information technologies and their applications, implementing innovative technologies for new products, professional consulting, etc.
  2. the quality of graduates/engineers is crucial for the industrial partner and it is in the partner’s best interest to motivate and support students to make the most of their education and development by: the professional level of co-operation with students; offering internships and professionally interesting jobs; motivating students to study abroad; inspiring students to develop creatively and implement their own projects; supporting the participation of students in various contests, conferences, etc. or supporting the funding of outstanding students (scholarships), etc.

A key step towards establishing cooperation is to find a professional topic(s) in which we find a common interests, both in teaching and research and development. The faculty is dedicated to a wide range of areas (see Science and Research). Partner FIT BUT is a company that has concluded a Partnership agreement with FIT BUT (including The Terms of Partnership Programme of the FIT BUT), which conducts contract research, custom development or a grant project with FIT BUT and/or supports or sponsors the faculty activities.

  • First step Specification of cooperation area

    Contact the Vice-Dean for External Relations and send him a description of the IT area and how you want to establish cooperation. Then we will find out what interest FIT academics and researchers would be.

  • Second step First meeting

    At our first meeting we will find common interests so that our cooperation will be long-term and mutually beneficial. The FIT Guarantor will consult with you and implement the cooperation.

  • Third step Conclusion of the contract

    We will finalize a framework cooperation agreement and we can get to work: from project solutions and contract research, through to diploma thesis supervision, to participation in FIT events. As the FIT Partner, you know our students best.

Partnership levels

Partnership levels Bronze Partner Silver Partner Gold Partner
The amount of the annual membership contribution CZK 60,000 CZK 140,000 CZK 300,000
Diploma thesis1 3 6 10
Meeting with representatives of FIT BUT2
Seminars of professional groups3
Placement of the Partner’s logo and profile page on the FIT BUT website ✓ (small) ✓ (medium) ✓ (large)
Inclusion of a Partner’s logo in the FIT BUT annual report ✓ (small) ✓ (medium) ✓ (large)
Inclusion of a Partner’s logo on the promotional presentation of the event4
Offer promotion5
Employment or traineeship offers
2 / 1 4 / 2 6 / 3
Organization of specialized seminars6 2 4 6
Possibility of sponsoring a particular student7 ✓(Bc., Ing.) ✓(Bc., Ing.) ✓(Bc., Ing., Ph.D.)
Partnership to participate in faculty and student events8 3 main 1 main and 4 regular any number
Possibility of preferential participation in other events that are no longer subject to the contract9
1 In cooperation with the FIT Guarantor, there is a possibility to prepare and diploma thesis assignment.
2 An annual event, usually held in the fall, where Partners will meet FIT representatives.
3 Invitation to seminars of expert groups and invited local and foreign lectures.
4 Depending on the type of the event and the presentation materials, the logo or any other information about the Partner will be placed.
5 Promotion of traineeships/job offers - electronically (web portal of traineeships and job offers, sending to the weekly FIT BUT newsletter) and on bulletin boards at FIT BUT.
6 The possibility of organizing specialized seminars for FIT BUT students and staff.
7 Possibility of sponsoring a particular student for his excellent results.
8 Entitlement to participate in a selected event, which may be limited by the number of partners, and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Upon the announcement of the call, logins are taken up to the full capacity of the event according to the login order. After the capacity is filled, the others will be rejected. For more details, see The Terms of Partnership Programme of the FIT BUT for actual year.
9 If you are interested in participating in more events than in the subject of performance, it is necessary to contact FIT BUT and agree on specific conditions.

Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us.



Vítězslav Beran


Vice-dean for external relations

+420 54114 1281

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