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Day: 3 September 2019

Faculty of Information Technology is launching a new website


With the start of the new semester, the Faculty of Information Technology is launching a new website. The website is more responsive and adapts for better viewing on mobile phones and tablets; at the same time, its new structure reflects modern trends in the area of communication.

"The new website aims to bring the faculty closer to the public - especially people interested in studying at the faculty and applicants, companies interested in establishing co-operation with the faculty, as well as to the general public, which can use the website to learn more about the research and development at FIT. At the same time, we focused on ensuring that the new structure provides easy orientation to the current students and that information is always easy to find and up-to-date," said Vítězslav Beran, Vice-Dean for External Relations.

The design of the website is part of the unified visual communication of Brno University of Technology and is now used by all component parts of BUT. The faculty Computer Centre, the External Relations Department and other component parts of FIT participated in the creation of the new website of the Faculty. If you find any discrepancies on the new website, we would be very grateful if you could report them at

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