Petr Lampa

System Manager

+420 54114 1200
+420 54114 1225
L129 Office
1996/BUT personal ID


Education and academic qualification

Ing. in computer engineering, VUT Brno, 1985

Career overview

  • since 1980 studies at FE BUT and work on VHČ research projects as an auxiliary scientific force (pomvěd)
  • since 1986 employee of the SAPO FE BUT department (UIVT FEI BUT, now FIT BUT)
  • working experience at Unix System Laboratories Europe, London, UK - localization of SVR4.2 and UnixWare (project FIGS), 1992/3
  • Computer Centre management, 1994-2021

Scientific activities

  • development of Pascal/ADT compiler and run-time libraries, 1983-1989
  • microprocessor systems design (EPROM emulator with Z-80, intelligent 4-port serial multiplexor, coprocessor board based on Motorola 68000), 1983-1990
  • development of operating system DOS/ADT, 1984-1989
  • Unix systems and LAN administration, 1990-
  • open-source patches (apache, sendmail, sshguard, tinyproxy, XORP, FreeBSD, inn, openssl, ...), 1995-
  • Computer Centre management, 1994-2021
  • Web design and implementation (Web of FEECS DCSE, FEECS, FIT), national charset support for Apache, 1996-
  • design of University Gigabit Backbone, 1998-2002
  • development of FIT information system, 2001-2020
  • IPv6 installation and operation on BUT, 2007-2020



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