Formal Model Research Group

Formal Model Research Group

This group discusses formal languages and their models, such as automata, grammars and systems based upon them. It pays a special attention to the regulation of these models so they capture various context dependencies in a clear and precise way. The group also studies how to apply the formal models under investigation in various computer science areas, such as compilers any bioinformatics.

Group Photo from 2018

Research interests

  • Theoretical Basis of Information Systems
  • Formal Languages and Their Models
  • Specification and Translation of Languages
  • Applications of Formal Models
  • Reverse Engineering and Decompilation

Current research themes

The group focuses on the basic research in the theory of formal languages and compilation. Considering formal language theory, we usually study generative power of regulated models (eg. scaterred context grammars) or of the whole systems of models (eg. grammar systems). Further, we are interested in scattered information processing models such as jumping automata and grammars.
From the practical areas, we investigate the automation of syntax and semantic analysis in compilers.

Significant results


The members of this group can offer consultations in the design, description and processing of mathematically oriented languages (including programming and domain-specific languages).

Current Cooperations:

  • The subteam under the supervision of dr. Kolář cooperates with Avast (former AVG Technologies) in research of reverse engineering and decompilation.


Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Information Systems
Božetěchova 2
612 66  Brno, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 54114-1232

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