Computer Graphics Research Group

Computer Graphics Research Group

The group focuses on computer graphics (imaging) and computer vision. The group focuses on research and applications of scene modelling and display algorithms in imaging, including large-scale and distributed scenes and display acceleration in hardware. In computer vision, the group is working on machine learning for computer vision, self-supervised machine learning approaches, algorithms and applications in surveillance cameras, especially in transportation and other related topics. Last but not least, the group's research and teaching focuses on human-computer interaction topics, particularly the design and development of modern user interfaces incorporating innovative elements from augmented reality, new devices and computer support for human activities.

Research interests

  • Machine learning for computer vision.
  • Automatic camera calibration.
  • Self-supervised machine learning for computer vision.
  • Image and multispectral data compression.
  • User interfaces.
  • Augmented reality.
  • Applications.
  • Computer vision in medicine.
  • Optical recognition of old texts.
  • Imaging of light fields.

Current research topics

Computer graphics group includes all people with interest in computer graphics at DCGM FIT. The main research focuses include acceleration of graphics through FPGA and DSP, medical applications of computer graphics (see also medical applications group), realistic rendering, 3D data sharing in computer networks, and automatic video sequences processing.

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