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Data Communications, Computer Networks and Protocols (in English)

PDSe Acad. year 2022/2023 Summer semester 5 credits

Active network devices and their function. IP routing. Network security and detection of networking attacks. VoIP communication. Network management and monitoring. Transport and application layer security. P2P networks. Blockchain.


Language of instruction




Time span

  • 26 hrs lectures
  • 13 hrs laboratories
  • 13 hrs projects

Assessment points

  • 55 pts final exam (30 pts written part, 25 pts oral part)
  • 12 pts labs
  • 21 pts projects




Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Understand principles of network communication and architecture of advanced network services. Be aware of security risks and get acquainted with tools for detection an mitigation of security incidents.
Understanding communication principles in current computer networks.

Learning objectives

Understand basic principles of network communication. Security of network communication. Deep analysis of selected network traffic, detection of attacks. Network monitoring and troubleshooting. Security and privacy in communication. Modern communication technologies.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Basics of computer networks, IP addressing, network services: WWW, DHCP, DNS. Principles of Internet. Basic Unix configuration. Fundamentals of programming.

Study literature

  • R. White, E. Banks: Computer Networking Problems and Solutions: An innovative approach to building resilient, modern networks, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2018.
  • Lewis Van Winkle: Hands-On Network Programming with C: Learn socket programming in C and write secure and optimized network code, Packt Publishing, 2019.
  • Samuel Greengard: The Internet of Things, revised and updated edition, The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, 2021.

Fundamental literature

Syllabus of lectures

  1. Introduction to IP networking. Basic configuration of network devices.
  2. Static and dynamic routing. Routing algorithms.
  3. IPv6 networking and tunneling.
  4. L2 network security.
  5. Privacy and anonymity on the Internet.
  6. Network security: algorithms, encryption, hashes, certificates.
  7. Packet classification. IP address lookup.
  8. Intrusion detection.
  9. Network monitoring. NTP, syslog, SNMP and NetFlow.
  10. Principles of DNS. DNS security (DNSSEC, DoT, DoH).
  11. SDN Networking.
  12. Bitcoin protocol, blockchain.
  13. Summary.

Syllabus of laboratory exercises

  1. Network configuration. Capturing and analyzing network traffic.
  2. Static and dynamic routing.
  3. Configuration of IPv6 networks. IPv6 over IPv4.
  4. Privacy and anonymity on Internet.
  5. Encryption techniques using OpenSSL.
  6. Network monitoring using SNMP and Netflow.

Syllabus - others, projects and individual work of students

  • Design, modeling and implementation of a network application.

Progress assessment

  • Project - 21 points 
  • Hands-on Labs - 12 points
  • In-class Activity - 12 points
  • Final exam for 55 points is performed in the oral form (30 points) and the written form (25 points). To pass the exam, the minimum 15 points is required for the oral exam.

Controlled instruction

Active participation in hands-on labs, project assignment, and final exam are the monitored, and points earning an education. The minimal number of points that can be obtained from the oral part of the final exam is 15. Otherwise, no points will be assigned to a student.

Exam prerequisites

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Tue lecture *) 1., 6., 7., 8., 9., 13. of lectures O205 08:0009:5021 1EIT 2EIT INTE MGMe xx Matoušek
Tue lecture *) 2., 3., 4., 5., 10., 11., 12. of lectures O205 08:0009:5021 1EIT 2EIT INTE MGMe xx Grégr
Tue laboratory 1., 6., 9. of lectures O205 10:0011:5021 1EIT 2EIT INTE MGMe xx Matoušek
Tue laboratory 2., 3., 4. of lectures O205 10:0011:5021 1EIT 2EIT INTE MGMe xx Grégr
Wed exam 2023-05-10 C228 E105 08:0013:00Regular exam
Wed exam 2023-05-24 C228 08:0010:00Re-take exam
Wed exam 2023-05-10 C228 10:0012:00Final Exam - oral part
Wed exam 2023-05-24 C228 10:0013:00Re-take Exam - oral part
Thu exam 2023-06-01 C228 08:0009:00Re-take exam II
Thu exam 2023-06-01 C228 10:0011:00Re-take Exam II - oral part
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