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German for Lower-Intermediate 1

XPC-NE3 FEKT XPC-NE3 Acad. year 2022/2023 Winter semester 3 credits

Current academic year

A general German language course for pre-intermediate students following courses -NE1 and -NE2. Emphasis is placed on the communication in everyday situations and practical skills.


Language of instruction



Classified Credit

Time span

  • 26 hrs exercises



Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Students should be able to communicate in everyday situations when travelling or studying abroad. 

Learning objectives

Enhancing the communication skills of pre-intermediate students leading to A2 level.


Syllabus of seminars

  1. Orientierung
  2. Lokale Präpositionen und Dativ.
  3. Wohnen
  4. Possessivartikel sein – ihr;Genitiv bei Eigennamen
  5. Die Stadt
  6. Verben mit Dativ;Personalpronomen im Dativ
  7. Termine
  8. Temporale Präpositionen 
  9. Pläne und Wünsche
  10. Präpositionen mit/ohne;Modalverb wollen 
  11. Gesundheit und Krankheit
  12. Imperativ;Modalverb sollen 
  13. Semester Test


Progress assessment

Course requirements: regular active attendance in the lessons, written and spoken assignments.

Course evaluation: written semester test.


Teaching methods and criteria

Practising the acquired language skills, vocabulary and basic grammar aimed at enhancing the students' communication skills.  

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme BIT, 2nd year of study, Elective
  • Programme BIT (in English), 2nd year of study, Elective
  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, 2nd year of study, Elective
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