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French for Beginners 2

XPC-FR2 FEKT XPC-FR2 Acad. year 2023/2024 Summer semester 3 credits

The seminars will put a great emphasis on communicative competence (pronunciation, speaking, reading and writing), and further development of the basic knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary. Units 5-8 of the textbook Inspire 1 will be covered during the semester.



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Time span

  • 26 hrs exercises



Learning objectives

The aim of the French for Beginners 2 course is to strengthen and further develop language skills on A1 level of CEFR in order to foster communicative competence in everyday situations, such as work, travel, and study. This course directly follows French for Beginners 1 and covers further core grammatical structures and lexis to complete A1 level.


By the end of the course, students will be equipped with basic knowledge of French grammar and lexis and thus able to understand and take part in simple conversations as well as understand and write short and simple texts on familiar topics immediately related to their personal and/or professional environment and/or interests.


Prerequisite knowledge and skills

It is strongly recommended to either have passed French for Beginners 1 (XPC-FR2) or have corresponding language competence.


Progress assessment

In order to successfully complete the course students have to pass a credit test covering the grammar and vocabulary studied during the semester (based on Inspire 1 - Unités 5-8). The passing grade is 50 %. 

Active participation in seminars is required. Students cannot miss more than 3 seminars.



Mon exercise lectures T10/N 3.24 09:0010:5020 2BIA 2BIB 3BIT xx Šedrlová
Mon other 2024-05-20 T8/T 3.12 11:0012:00 Zápočtový test - opravný termín
Wed exercise lectures T10/N 3.25 09:0010:5020 2BIA 2BIB 3BIT xx Šedrlová

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme BIT, 2nd year of study, Elective
  • Programme BIT (in English), 2nd year of study, Elective
  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, 2nd year of study, Elective
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