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AUP-L FaVU AUP-L Acad. year 2023/2024 Summer semester 1 credits

The course prepares for practical situations related to artistic creation and design practice. It offers advice for situations such as negotiating a licence or contract with a client, producer, gallery or employer, dealing with the terms of a collaboration, setting up your own brand, using another artist's work or dealing with the use of your own artistic work without permission. The course will help students answer the following questions. How do I draft and negotiate a license? What kind of royalty can I ask for? A one-time payment or a percentage of profits? Do I have any rights if I have not entered into a contract? What can I do if I need to protect my work? When can I legally use another author's work (and what is the difference between inspiration and plagiarism)? How do I protect my design or brand? How do I start my own brand? The course includes discussion and sharing of specific experiences of students, or learning about cases of copyright disputes that have happened here or abroad.



Language of instruction




Time span

  • 4 hrs lectures
  • 4 hrs exercises



Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to prepare the students for their art and design practice and to show them how relationships work with those for whom they will create, for whom they will produce designs, for whom they will work or exhibit. The course will cover areas of creative practice in freelance, employment and in a creative collective.


Students will learn the basics of working with legal texts (legal norms), the basics of copyright, the creation of licenses and work contracts. They will understand the basics of copyright, licenses, and works contracts. They will acquire the ability to negotiate conditions and defend against misuse of the work.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills


Study literature

  • Zákon č. 121/2001 Sb., o právu autorském, o právech souvisejících s právem autorským a o změně některých zákonů (autorský zákon) – edice ÚZ (dostupné ve většině knihkupectví nebo text zákona online)
  • PRCHAL P.: Limity autorskoprávní ochrany. Praha: Leges, 2016, 272 s.
  • KOUKAL P.: Právní ochrana designu – průmyslové vzory, autorská díla. Praha: Wolters Kluwer ČR, 2012. 156 s.
  • DAVID I.: Filmové právo. Autorskoprávní Perspektiva. Praha: Nová beseda, 2015, 239 s.

Fundamental literature

  • SRSTKA J. a kol., Autorské právo a práva související. Vysokoškolská učebnice, Praha: Leges, 2017, 416s.

Syllabus of lectures

The course will take place in two blocks. Each block consists of thematically focused lectures / workshops:

Block 1 (120 minutes of instruction, 60 minutes break, 120 minutes of instruction):
 Copyright: what this means in practice
 Licensing: how to license and get paid
 Contract for work: how to create for the customer and get paid

Block 2 (120 minutes of instruction, 60 minutes break, 120 minutes of instruction):
 Design protection: protection tools and contracts
 Brand: how to create your own brand
 Freelance team, employment: how it works and how the position of the author differs

Progress assessment

Credit is awarded on the basis of active participation in both blocks of thematic lectures / workshops.

Active participation in both blocks of lectures / workshops is required.


Fri lecture 3., 5., 7., 9., 11., 13. of lectures U2/326 11:0015:5020 Javorská bloková výuka

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme BIT, 1st year of study, Elective
  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, 1st year of study, Elective
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