School Projects

Projects in Courses

Most courses, where the project is part of the study, allow work on your own assignment, which obviously concerns the issue of the course. Do not hesitate to contact the course guarantor with the offer of your own theme, respectively, follow the instructions of the course. However, make sure your own theme is creative and well reflects the project requirements in the course.

Examples of courses in which guarantors have expressed that student's assignment is welcomed: IIS, IJA, IMP, IPP, ISS, ITU, ITW, IUS, IVH, BIN, BIO, DJA, EVO, FLP, GAL, GJA, MUL, NAV, PCG, PDB, PDI, PDS, PGPa, PGR, PIS, POVa, ROBa, SEM, SIN, TAMa, TOI, UXIa, VYF, VYPa, ZPO.


You can work on your own theme also in the frame of the thesis (Bachelor's or Master's Thesis). Here it is necessary to find a relevant guarantor with whom you may cooperate on the topic. Carefully make sure that your proposed assignment is sufficiently professional, really is yours (not the assignment from the company) and its solution teach you new knowledge and skills (do not spend a year on something you already know). If you have an idea to do something and you are not sure about the expertise or complexity of the idea, do not hesitate to contact the relevant academic who will be happy to discuss your idea with you.
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