Social Safety

The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) strives for a safe and fair learning and working environment free from discrimination. According to Act No. 198/2009 Coll., on Equal Treatment and Legal Means of Protection against Discrimination and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Anti-Discrimination Act), harassment, sexual harassment, persecution, instruction to discriminate and incitement to discriminate are also considered as discrimination. If any applicant, student, participant of lifelong learning, faculty member, or a member of an FIT body who is not an FIT employee feels discriminated or witnessed discrimination or any other act that violates safe and fair environment, (s)he may contact any of the following persons (listed alphabetically) for advice or assistance:

If any of the persons listed above have committed discrimination or any other act violating social safety, please contact either the Dean, Prof. Zemčík, or the Faculty Officer for Social Safety, Dr. Křena. Any suggestions that may contribute to social safety at the faculty, discuss with Dr. Křena.

Please note that official notifications and complaints filed in accordance with Directive 62/2017 must be dealt with, and the Police of the Czech Republic may be involved in the investigation of serious offences as the Faculty's power of investigation is limited. Once an act violating social security has been proven, the faculty will then take measures appropriate to the seriousness of the act committed, in accordance with the Code of Ethics, the Disciplinary Code for Students of BUT, the Disciplinary Code for Students of FIT or Act No. 262/2006 Coll. (Labour Code). These measures can range from reprimand for less serious acts like inappropriate joke to exclusion from studies for students or immediate termination of employment for employees who commit a serious act like sexually motivated physical assault.

Students in need of psychological help should contact the Institute of Lifelong Learning at Brno University of Technology.

We would like to refer those interested in this issue to the words of the Rector of the BUT, doc. Ing. Ladislav Janicek, Ph.D., MBA, LL.M., on social safety, and also to the university's recommendation "What to do if..."

Responsible person: Ing. Bohuslav Křena, Ph.D.
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