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Start-up projects in Booster Challenge 2022 were awarded!

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, the presentation of all registered projects for the summer Booster-Challenge@FIT 2022 competition took place in the morning. The evaluation committee evaluated all solutions based on the delivered technical reports and performance during presentations. At the end, the committee distributed interesting financial rewards among all the solvers.

The presenters had 30 minutes to present their solution, especially what they managed to achieve during the holidays. In all cases, it was clear how enthusiastically the solvers undertook their task and how much energy and work they put into moving their projects further, sometimes even by a large chunk.

The committee evaluated the projects mainly from the point of view of the degree of development of the solution during the competition, i.e. the difference between the state before and after, what challenges the solvers had to manage, and then in general from the point of view of the uniqueness of the solution, the topicality of the technologies used, the degree of development, the vision of the business potential, the quality of the technical solution, the social benefit and the quality of the market potential research.

The protocol with the resulting evaluation and award distribution is available here to download (in czech).

Get Started and Push Your Ideas Together

Star(t)up@FIT is a program where you learn to think and act like entrepreneurs, acquire important business and project skills, streamline your ideas, fine-tune your technological solutions, learn interesting experiences of successful companies, meet similarly attuned and enthusiastic colleagues and gain basic know-how for own commercial activities.

Star(t)up@FIT opens the door to a world of business, where creative ideas can become interesting and commercially successful projects and products. Do not hesitate to join the community of passionate enthusiasts, who want to spend their time working on projects that may determine their near future...

Are You interested in...

  • What running business means?
  • Start-ups and the community around them?
  • Do you have your own idea in your head?
  • Any plans to start a business?
  • Or you even already run your own business?
  • Are your keen on meeting colleagues already working on their project?
  • And do you know what and how to do?

FIT Support

FIT BUT supports students and FIT graduates and their business projects. Within the Star(t)up@FIT program, you can use for free:

  • FIT Startup Booster workshops and seminars.
  • FIT Creative Showroom & Open Space facility and equipment.
  • Technological mentoring and coaching.
  • Consulting and mentoring of experts.
  • Meeting successful startups.
  • Attend other events.
  • Find business partners.
  • Startup development programs.
  • Ad hoc help with issues.

We won't leave you alone. Contact us and gain valuable experience, broaden your horizons or move on.

Where and when?

  • The meetings will take place in the FIT Creative Showroom & Open Space (R109, Božetěchova 2, Brno), or online depending on situation or as agreed.
  • You may connect with the advisor online as wll and participate in discussions or ask questions, go to Google Meet.
  • There will be special events, workshops and seminars held in the same room.
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