FIT Creative Showroom & Open Space

FIT Creative Showroom & Open Space is an opened space at FIT BUT in room R109. It is the FIT Creative ShowRoom gallery, which serves as an exhibition space for the results of FIT science and research, and FIT Open Space designed as a Start-up hub or student IT development center, a space for FIT students for their own creative activities in the areas of IT, consulting, for student meetings, development, presentations, discussions, consultations.

FIT Creative Showroom & Open Space serves as a meeting place for various faculty events, professional wokshops, seminars and other events within the Star(t)up@FIT initiative.

There are also several 3D printers available at Open Space, which you can start using after completing the introductory training. Alternatively, you can request to print a specific model for a school subject or project.
Detailed information and how to register for the training and all other information can be found on the website dedicated to 3d printing in OpenSpace

Don't have your own project? Never mind, join an existing team. You will find such projects and topics in the section Chci začít.


The room can be used for:

  • Student meetings and development of own creative IT projects at FIT.
  • Organizing lectures and seminars focused on entrepreneurship and professional IT topics.
  • Professional meetings and discussion panels with academics and researchers from FIT, representatives of industry, the founders of successful companies and investors.
  • Consultations with experts from FIT, JIC, industry, etc. with the aim of developing and commercializing their own projects.
  • Product presentations, projects, partial results of student creative activity.
  • Workshops and lectures of the FIT Startup Booster program.
You can find updated information about events around startups in FIT Open Space in a number of thematic chats at Discordu.

How to get involved?

Terms of access

  • Except public events, entry to the premises is only allowed with a valid ISIC or FIT card, or accompanied by a person with a valid card.
  • The person who opened the premises using the card is responsible for the premises, including the persons entering along with him.
  • During a public event, the responsible person - the organizer of the event is responsible for the premises.
  • Each person present in the premises is responsible for the correct use of the premises equipment and all facilities.
  • Before leaving the premises, restore the used equipment and workplace to their original condition.
  • When leaving the premises, used the card again to record your departure.
  • The premises are monitored by a camera system for security reasons.
  • The Creative Showroom area separated from the rest of the room by a portable barrier is not accessible.
  • The space reserved for 3D printing and the equipment located in it, separated from the rest of the room by a portable barrier, may be used only with the prior agreement and consent of the contact persons listed below.
  • The opening hours of the room are daily from 7:00 to 21:00. Exceptions must be agreed in advance by Financial Officer.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the contact persons listed below.
  • Report any defects or problems found by contacting the contact persons below.
  • In case of usage of the FIT presentation space for an invited visit or delegation, the premises will be closed or access will be severely restricted and will be completely cleaned beforehand.



Part of the space is still reserved for the presentation of faculty results of science and research. ShowRoom is used at various events and faculty visits and is not intended for student activities.

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