Faculty of Information Technology, BUT

Department of Information Systems

Information Systems Analysis and DesignAISW5Cr+Ex
Selected Topics on Language Parsing and TranslationAPDW0Ex
Cisco CCNA SecurityCCSW4ClCr
Network Cabling and Routing (CCNA1+CCNA2)I1CS4ClCr
Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)C1PS5ClCr
Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT)C3PW5ClCr
Economics of Information ProductsEIPW5Ex
Functional and Logic ProgrammingFLPS5Cr+Ex
Graph AlgorithmsGALW5Ex
Graphical User Interfaces in X Window SystemGUXW5Ex
Algorithms (in English)IALeW5Cr+Ex
Security and Computer NetworksIBSS4Cr+Ex
Database SystemsIDSS5Cr+Ex
Database Systems (in English)IDSeS5Cr+Ex
Formal Languages and CompilersIFJW5Cr+Ex
Information SystemsIISW4Cr+Ex
IT Service Design and ImplementationINIW4ClCr
Computer Communications and NetworksIPKS4Cr+Ex
Computer Communications and Networks (in English)IPKeW5Cr+Ex
Principles of Programming Languages (in English)IPPeS5Cr+Ex
Principles of Programming LanguagesIPPS5Cr+Ex
Project Practice 1 (in English)IP1eS5ClCr
Project Practice 1 (in English)IP1eW5ClCr
Project Practice 1IP1W5ClCr
Project Practice 2 (in English)IP2eS5ClCr
Project Practice 2IP2S5ClCr
Project Practice 3IP3W5ClCr
Network Applications and Network AdministrationISAW5Cr+Ex
PC SeminarISCW2Cr
Web DesignITWS5ClCr
Web Design (in English)ITWeW5ClCr
Introduction to Programming SystemsIZPW7Cr+Ex
LAN Switching, Accessing the WAN (CCNA3+4)I2CW4ClCr
Project ManagementMPRS5Cr+Ex
Microsoft Windows Desktop SystemsIW1W5Cr+Ex
Microsoft Windows Server SystemsIW2S5Cr+Ex
Microsoft Windows Network TechnologiesIW3W5Ex
Programming .NET and C#IW5S5ClCr
Projecting, Administration and SecurityNSBS5Cr+Ex
Advanced Database SystemsPDBW5Cr+Ex
Distributed Application EnvironmentPDIW5Ex
Data Communications, Computer Networks and ProtocolsPDSS5Ex
Advanced Information SystemsPISS5Cr+Ex
Advanced Communication SystemsPKSW5Cr+Ex
Project ManagerPMAS5ClCr
Advanced Operating SystemsPOSS5Ex
Project Practice 1 (in English)PP1eS5Cr
Project Practice 1PP1S5Cr
Project Practice 1 (in English)PP1eW5Cr
Project Practice 2PP2W5ClCr
Selected Topics of Software Engineering and Database SystemsSIDS0Ex
Strategic Management of Information SystemsSRIW5Ex
Modern Theoretical Computer ScienceTIDW0Ex
Programming Language TheoryTJDW0Ex
Selected Chapters on AlgorithmsVKDS0Ex
Selected Topics of Information SystemsVPDS0Ex
Compiler Construction (in English)VYPaW5Ex
Internet ApplicationsWAPS5Cr+Ex
Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesZZDW0Ex
Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesZZNW5Cr+Ex
Advanced Database Systems (in English)PDBeW5Cr+Ex
The C# Programming LanguageICSS4ClCr
Data Communications, Computer Networks and Protocols (in English)PDSeS5Ex
Digital Forensics (in English)DFAaS5Ex
Compl - Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
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