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Day: 16 April 2020

The exam period is postponed, the final papers to be submitted two weeks later


The academic year schedule is changing. Given the development of the the current situation, the FIT management has excluded "Option 1" from the plans of the examination period and state final examinations. Therefore, the examination period is postponed by at least three weeks for all students and will not start before 25 May 2020. "The situation is constantly changing, so far we are counting on 'Option 2'. The examination period is formally extended to 30 September. That does not mean the exams will run throughout this period, but we have more room to set dates for exams, state final examinations and graduations according to previously published plans. By the end of April we will provide further information," said Jaroslav Dytrych, Vice-Dean for Education in the Bachelor Study Program.

The deadlines for electronic submission of theses are also changing. The faculty management has set final deadlines, which are on May 28 for bachelor thesis and June 3 for master thesis.

The faculty also prepares measures for the operation of the study department or library in the emergency mode when the relevant measures are released by BUT.

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