NES@FIT - Networks and distributed systems research group

NES@FIT - Networks and distributed systems research group

The focus of the research group is on communication, architecture, and monitoring of computer networks, the design of simulation and verification tools, network security and digital forensics.

Research interests

  • Design, specification and analysis of computer communication
  • Communication of embedded systems, wireless, mobile and sensor networking
  • Network forensic tools (project Netfox, project Tarzan)
  • IoT monitoring and security (project Ironstone, project IGA)
  • Security of industrial communication (project Bonnet, project Tractor)
  • Design of new network architecture (project PRISTINE)
  • Network modeling and simulation (projekt ANSAINET)
  • Recursive internetwork architecture (RINA) simulator (projekt RINASIM)
  • Monitoring, security and quality measurement of network communication with focus on voice and video transmissions




Doc. Ing. Ondřej Ryšavý, PhD., phone. +420-54114 1108, e-mail:
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