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On-the-fly compression in time-domain ultrasound simulations

Ph.D. Thesis Student: Klepárník Petr Academic Year: 2023/2024 Supervisor: Zemčík Pavel, prof. Dr. Ing.
Czech title
Průběžná komprese v ultrazvukových simulacích v časové oblasti

This work proposes a new compression method and its application in the framework of time-domain ultrasound simulations, specializing in high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). Large-scale numerical simulations of HIFU, important for model-based treatment planning, generate large amounts of data. A simulation typically requires hundreds of gigabytes of storage. The goal of using this method is to significantly save computing resources while maintaining sufficient quality of the simulation outputs. At the core of this work, experimental simulations are presented, which show that the proposed compression method and its use for on-the-fly calculation of the average acoustic intensity during the simulation bring significant improvements. The main advantage is to a large extent (up to 99 %) reduced consumption of precious disk space and approximately the same requirement for operational memory during simulation, which can significantly reduce the price of the computing platform. Compression does not adversely affect the overall simulation time. The accuracy of the new method was evaluated using thermal simulations. Using the new method, the same results are achieved in ablated tissue determination as in other approaches.


Ultrasound simulation, compression, high-intensity focused ultrasound, average acoustic intensity, k-Wave toolbox, k-space pseudospectral method, high-performance computing

Degree Programme
Computer Science and Engineering, Field of Study Computer Science and Engineering
31 October 2023
KLEPÁRNÍK, Petr. On-the-fly compression in time-domain ultrasound simulations. Brno, 2023. Ph.D. Thesis. Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. 2023-10-31. Supervised by Zemčík Pavel. Available from:
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