First, try to solve problem yourself with a help of any documentation available. You may try to ask your fellow-student, sometimes this may be very fast solution.

If the problem persists, you may need to ask for help. Please try to describe your problem: what's wrong, if you receive any error message, which computer is affected (computers in labs are numbered, write down number of both the computer and lab).

Depending on your problem please choose appropriate person from table below:

problem description who should help if not available, try this person
forgotten password for Windows/Active Directory use information system students (employees) to set a new one Mr. Michal (L127)
forgotten password for Unix (servers, IS FIT, e-mail etc.), locked account, unable to login (*) Mr. Michal (L127)
We preffer electronic contact, see a note bellow (*)
Mr. Kašpárek (L127)
forgotten password for EDUROAM use information system - students (emloyees) to set new one
forgotten BUTlogin (or password) From FIT mail send a request to to enable initial password or to send one-time password
if you do not know even password for information system, contact Mr. Michal (L127)
some other forgotten password read carefully Accounts and Data Security
recharge your credit for copying and printing services student's canteen (P209) or online on ISKAM web
problems with Windows workstation Mr. Michal (L127) Mr. Gaďorek (L128)
problem with Linux Workstation or server Mr. Kašpárek (L127) Mr. Michal (L127)
problem with MS File server (fik) Mr. Michal (L127) Mr. Gaďorek (L128)
problem with FreeBSD server Mr. Čejka (L130) Mr. Lampa (L129)
problem with PC hardware send mail
problem with printing services Mr. Čejka (L130) Mr. Michal (L127)
problem with access system
(entry to labs, library)
Mr. Čejka (L130) Mr. Michal (L127)
(*) In case of forgotten password you are required to prove your identity in person using your student card or other official document with your photo and name. However we prefer electronic communication (see bellow), especially during COVID restrictions.

Recommended procedure: you may ask for password change using BUT messages. Message should be addressed to id 1898 (just if you do not want to search), or go to visit card When logged-in to BUT Portal, you can use a button labeled "Send BUT Mesage". The answer will be sent through this channel back. After reset you can find your new password at logon page (you will need your BUTlogin and password).

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