How to solve the situation when the laptop breaks down before handing in the assignment?

Students who have to face such a problem can now be helped by the loan of faculty laptops. A student who finds him/herself in an unpleasant situation, when, for example, he/she has nothing to work on projects due to a malfunction of his/her device, applies to the Computer Center (office L131, Radomíra Samsonová) after a previous written request to

The laptop is usually available for pickup the next day.

  • Loan period: max. 30 days
  • Number of laptops available: 3
  • Parameters: 15“ FHD, CPU R5-4500U, 8GB RAM, 512GB NVMe drive, Windows 11 EN+CZ
  • Conditions: the laptop can be reinstalled, but the password must not be

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