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[VGS-IT] Extracting transparent image layers for high-quality compositing

01. November 2017 vgs-it

A112, FIT VUT v Brně, CZ
Tunç Aydn will give an invited talk within VGS-IT series on Wednesday, November 1st, 1pm, in A112.

Title: Extracting transparent image layers for high-quality compositing

Abstract: Compositing is an essential task in visual content production. For instance, a contemporary feature film production that doesnt involve any compositing work is a rare occasion. However, achieving production-level quality often requires a significant amount of manual labor by digital compositing artists, mainly due to the limits of existing tools available for various compositing tasks. In this presentation I will talk about our recent work that aims on improving upon existing compositing technologies, where we focus on natural matting, green-screen keying, and color editing. We tackle natural matting using a novel affinity-based approach, whereas for green-screen keying and color editing we introduce a "color unmixing" framework, which we specialize individually for the two problem domains. Using these new techniques we achieve state-of-the-art results while also significantly reducing the manual interaction time.

Tunc's research is focused on HDR image and video processing, utilizing knowledge of the human visual system, and on current movie production challenges.

All are cordially invited.

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