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After enrolment

Before the beginning of teaching

Let's start! (detailed programme)

  • Start@FIT

    The traditional Start@FIT event (faculty event page, detailed programme) starts on the 15 September 2022, it introduces new students to the faculty and to one another. The students will receive basic information about their studies and learn how to use available information systems. They will also learn how to search for information that might be needed during their studies. We recommend that that the participants move into the dormitories on 14 September 2022. This option should be available online. If it is not, it can be arranged by phone or in person with the contact persons at the Halls of Residence. Just mention that you are attending Start@FIT.

    Training Lessons

    The event will begin with compulsory training lessons on the use the information system and schedule creation, which will take place on Thursday. These tutorials will help you find your way around the information system and introduce you to schedules and registrations in courses and activities, which will start on Saturday. Student ID cards or ISIC cards will be issued simultaneously, as well as welcome packs. The groups for the lessons are as follows:

    • 1st group: A–F: starts at 9:30 AM (in English)
    • 2nd group: G–Ko: starts at 10:45 AM
    • 3rd. group: Kr–N: starts at 12:15 PM (in English)
    • 4th. group: O–Sn: starts at 1:30 PM
    • 5th. group So–Z: starts at 2:45 PM

    The lessons are going to take place in the Computer centre. The "Closed doors day" and escape game also takes place.

    Introduction to academia, Informal meeting with academics

    In the afternoon, make sure to visit the debate with the academics in the courtyard. You'll discuss the future study on the faculty and what you should be mindful of. You are going to also meet the study advisor team and others who are going to help you during your studies.

    After the debate, you can attend the social event Informal meeting with academics. You can meet your new classmates and teachers in an informal setting. You'll learn that your teachers are not only top experts in their fields but also caring and willing people, that you can ask for help, work with them on interesting projects and your bachelor thesis.

    Other informal activities

    The club U Kachničky is going to be opened during the day. You can get your favorite drink or play games. You can also chat with the future classmates and with the members of the Student union.

  • Matriculation

    Matriculation, which takes place on the last Friday before the beginning of classes in winter semester, is an academic ceremony which takes place on the occasion of admitting students for their studies. Attendance in matriculation is de facto compulsory. For detailed information and division into groups, please refer to the Study News.

    Guided Tours of the Faculty

    This will be followed by guided tours of the faculty with the Student Union; the Student Club "U kachničky" (U Kachničky - At the Duckling) will be opened, where there will be a chill zone, and you will have the opportunity to meet your new classmates.

  • Chat with members of the Student Union

    On stream, you will be able to ask about things around your studies and beyond. We're just as happy to help you with your final preparations for course registration. The study advisors are also going to attend.

    Registration for and enrolment in courses

    On Saturday afternoon, course and schedule registration will take place.

    Informal programme

    During the day, the informal programme is going to continue at the faculty and in the afternoon, the traditional Tour de Pub is going to start.

  • Barbecue, getting to know Brno and games at "U Kachničky"

    On Sunday, you can play "Brnění" (a game about getting to know Brno), play games at "U kachničky" and than you can barbecue with Student Union of FIT in Lužánky park.

Additional Information

Student Advisory and Student Union

You can find more information on the student counselling page. We recommend that you check the list of tasks that all first-year student should remember. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also contact the Student Union of FIT. SU FIT is a group of students interested in the goings-on at FIT. The group participates in the decision-making of the faculty and represents the students. They also organize Start@FIT event.

Communication channels

There's an unofficial Discord server maintained by students.

Note for students who are not new at BUT

Students who have studied at BUT before need not (and in fact cannot) set their BUTpassword. The password they used most recently remains valid. In addition, their previous faculty account is only reactivated. If a student has a student identity card (from any faculty), he/she need not order a new card. The identity card is activated at the time of enrolment; for the identity card to be used as proof of study, it is necessary to have the validation stamp glued to it at the Study Department. The ISIC validation stamp should be ordered at the BUT portal, whereas the BUT validation stamp can be collected in person. The BUT stamp can also be used to validate ISIC, thus reducing it to a BUT card.

Responsibility: Ing. Jaroslav Dytrych, Ph.D., Bc. Kristýna Zaklová a Ing. Petr Veigend
Last update: 2022-12-06 18:02:18
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