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Why should you study at the FIT BUT?

  • The best technologies – supercomputing, modern labs, flight simulator
  • Practical orientation – industry, research, projects
  • Safe region - 6th safest country in the world
  • Low cost of living - around 300-600 EUR per month
  • Campus – old monastery equipped with modern facilities
  • Graduates – in high demand by employers, 99% employed within 3 month of graduation, salary 120% of that earned by other graduates
  • Brno – the Silicon Valley of Europe
  • Learn from the best – the lecturers are IT research leaders
  • International cooperation in research and mobility
  • Join the elite in IT at the FIT BUT
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Close to practice

We know how important it is to relate to practical work. That is why we work with key businesses in the industry. Our students have the opportunity to work on industrial topics within school projects. In addition, you can earn a number of certificates during the course of your studies, which will help you in practice. Gaining employment with above-average pay is easy!

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The faculty that lives

You will find it very difficult to be bored in Brno or at the FIT. Student conferences, lectures by the world's leading IT experts, and music festivals, as well as other events, are happening throughout the year at the faculty. It is a vibrant and dynamic place close to the city centre of Brno - with over 80,000 students, it is a city with a young and inspiring spirit, as well as a great place to live, study and perform research.

Kampus Božetěchova


The FIT enjoys international recognition and a high quality of graduates and has long been collaborating with foreign universities and research entities in academic mobility (approximately the last 5 years):

  • 130 academics and scientists have visited the FIT BUT,
  • 150 academics have travelled abroad,
  • 340 students study abroad, whilst 320 foreign students study here every year,
  • 30 academics and researchers have participated in short-term internships abroad.


Did you know that historically the first programmer is counted Countess Augusta Ada King of Lovelace, that behind the emergence of secure communication methods is Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr or that one of the pioneers of IT in Czechoslovakia was Zdena Rábová, who worked at FIT? Women and girls have been important to IT since the beginning of the industry, and are even more important to its future. Many girls and women are studying and working at FIT today, who enjoy IT a lot and work on interesting creative projects. If you are just in high school and want to make sure IT is a really interesting and creative field, check out the site Summer Schools (F)IT for Girls.

Girls at FIT

  • 46 654 CZK

    is the average monhly starting salary of FIT BUT graduate

  • 95 %

    of our graduates find work within 3 months of leaving school

  • 89 %

    of our graduates would choose to study at the FIT again

  • 0,001 %

    of our graduates work in the fast-food industry

Our faculty provides an excellent basis for future employment. Our graduates are very interested in the IT market and their starting salaries are among the highest in the field. For learning and research, we use the backdrop of a modern campus where classrooms and laboratories explore not only computer hardware and network technologies, but also fingerprints, audio and video processing, flight simulators and robots.

Pavel Zemčík

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