Study rooms at FIT

Study Rooms at FIT

At FIT, there are several rooms and partially separated spaces that you can as students reserve for up to 4 hours a week.

Study rooms can be reserved in the BUT IS intraportal, and you can also add other people to your reservation. It will then appear in your individual schedule.

Most study rooms are equipped with whiteboards. Markers are always available on site, or can be borrowed from the library. Please erase the whiteboard before you leave.

In case you encounter any problems with using the study rooms, please contact the FIT BUT Students' Union.

General Rules

  • Do not make reservations more than 2 weeks in advance.
  • If you know you will not use your reservation, cancel it as soon as possible in BUT IS so that you don't block the study room for other colleagues.
  • If you do not show up within 15 minutes from the start of the reservation, the reservation expires and the room may be used by anyone during that time.
  • Upon arrival and departure, mark your name in the list located in the study room.
  • Return things to their original state (including whiteboards and monitor settings).
  • Do not take anything from the study rooms.
  • Do not plug high-consumption devices or your own kitchen appliances into electrical sockets.

Please be considerate. Violating the rules may lead to cancellation of further reservations or permanent removal of the ability to reserve rooms.

CVT Rooms

Available every day (incl. weekends) from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

In CVT, you can reserve the classroom M103 (20 seats) for larger meetings. If the classroom is not reserved, it is available to all students. This classroom can only be reserved in groups of 5 or more people.

A projector is available, the remote controller is on the table. Use the projector only in larger groups (5+ people); otherwise, prefer using a monitor.

It is forbidden to physically manipulate the projector or change its settings. Report any problems or absence of the remote immediately in the CVT IS VUT support system, or contact the Students' Union.

For individual work, you can reserve a corner in the hallway O101.

Library Rooms

These study rooms are part of the library, therefore they are only available during its opening hours. This should be reflected in the reservation form, but you can also check the library news for confirmation.

Available in the library are:

  • C123: a separated part of a large study room,
  • C127.1, C128: individual rooms. You can pick up the key from the librarians.

All rooms are equipped with whiteboards and monitors. Please be reasonably quiet in the library.

Additional Study Rooms

Study rooms are also available in C211, G104, and S207. All are equipped with whiteboards and monitors.

You can access room S207 with a card, instructions are posted next to the door reader. If rooms C211 and G104 are locked, pick up the keys according to the instructions posted on the doors.


Room P108 is available as a large shared study room (no reservations required). Open every day (including weekends) from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, although it may occasionally be used for various events – you can check the availability here.

In P108, the following are available:

  • monitors,
  • large whiteboards,
  • bean bags,
  • a microwave,
  • a kettle,
  • a water filter jug,
  • a fridge with a freezer.

P108 Rules

  • It is forbidden to use other bar equipment than listed above!
  • Wash, dry, and return any used dishes back to the shelf.
  • Return all items to their original places after use.
  • Label food placed in the fridge with today's date.
  • If you are the last one to leave, turn off all the lights.
  • Do not plug high-consumption devices or your own kitchen appliances into electrical sockets.

The FIT BUT Students' Union takes care of the study room. Report any problems using the contact form.

Other Places for Independent Study

Within our faculty premises, there are various other places suitable for quiet work:

  • Another large shared study room for individual use (no reservations required, except for the separate corner) is located in the library in C123 and C126, but monitors are not available here.
  • Tables with chairs are distributed along the corridors – you can find them, for example, in building D and on the second floor of building C. In building E, you will find not only chairs but also bean bags.
  • Similarly, larger benches with tables are also available in building L: L211 and L312.
  • Corners with bean bags (and possibly tables) can be found in G201, D0201, A208.
  • You can also sit in front of the classrooms in CVT (buildings N, O).
  • There is also a seating corner at the end of the corridor S203.
  • The Students' Union occasionally (but quite often) opens the student club U Kachničky as a “chill zone”. You can find out about its opening on the club's website.
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