English for EuropeAEUS3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
English for EuropeAEUW3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
Agents and Multiagent SystemsAGSW5ExDITS FIT BUT
Computation Systems ArchitecturesAVSW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Information Systems Analysis and DesignAISW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Selected Topics on Language Parsing and TranslationAPDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Practical Parallel ProgrammingPPPS5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Audio and Speech Processing by Humans and MachinesASDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Automated Testing and Dynamic AnalysisATAS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Headway Pre-Intermediate 2BAN2S3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
New Headway Intermediate 1BAN3S3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
New Headway Intermediate 1BAN3W3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
New Headway Intermediate 2BAN4S3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
English for Bachelors - Intermediate 2BAN4W3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
Bayesian Models for Machine Learning (in English)BAYaW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Information System Security and CryptographyBIDS0ExDITS FIT BUT
BioinformaticsBIFS5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Bio-Inspired ComputersBINS5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Biometric SystemsBIOW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Information System SecurityBISW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Wireless and Mobile NetworksBMSW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Secure Hardware DevicesBZAS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Design and Security of Enterprise NetworksCCSW5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Network Cabling and Routing (CCNA1+CCNA2)I1CW4ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Cyber-Physical Systems Design (in English)CPSaS5ExDCGM FIT BUT
CCNA Cybersecurity Operations (in English)CSOaS5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Digital Signal Processing (in English)CZSaW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Digital Forensics (in English)DFAaS5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Master's Thesis (in English)DIPeS13ClCrDCSY FIT BUT
Master's Thesis (in English)DIPaS13CrDCSY FIT BUT
Master's ThesisDIPS13CrDCSY FIT BUT
Dynamic LanguagesDJAS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Statistics, Stochastic Procesess, Operational AnalysisDMA1W0ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Optimization Methods and Queuing TheoryDPC-TK1W0ExUTKO FEEC BUT
Data WarehousesDS_2pW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Evolutionary and Neural HardwareEUDS0ExDCSY FIT BUT
Evolutionary ComputationEVDS0ExDCSY FIT BUT
Applied Evolutionary AlgorithmsEVOS5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Formal Program AnalysisFADW0ExDITS FIT BUT
Financial AnalysisIFANS5Cr+ExIF FBM BUT
Static Analysis and VerificationSAVW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
English: Practical Course of Business Conversation and PresentationFCEW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Philosophy and the CultureFIKS3CrILL BUT
History and Philosophy of TechnologyFITW3CrILL BUT
Functional and Logic ProgrammingFLPS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Functional Verification of Digital SystemsFVSS5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Physical Optics (in English)FYOeS5ExDPHYS FEEC BUT
Graph AlgorithmsGALW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Graph Algorithms (in English)GALeW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Graphical User Interfaces in JavaGJAW5Cr+ExDCGM FIT BUT
Graphical User Interfaces in Java (in English)GJAeW5Cr+ExDCGM FIT BUT
Graphic and Multimedia ProcessorsGMUW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Graphical and Sound Interfaces and StandardsGZNW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Communication and Presentation SkillsHKOS3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Communication and Presentation SkillsHKOW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Hardware/Software Codesign (in English)HSCeW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Hardware/Software CodesignHSCW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Leadership and Time ManagementHVRS3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Leadership and Time ManagementHVRW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Architecture of the 20th CenturyIACHW3ExKTDU FFA BUT
Algorithms (in English)IALeW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Advanced MathematicsIAMS5ClCrDITS FIT BUT
Binary Code AnalysisIANS4ClCrDITS FIT BUT
Machine Level ProgrammingISUS6Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Security and Computer NetworksIBSS4Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Bachelor's Thesis (in English)IBTeS13ClCrDITS FIT BUT
Bachelor's ThesisIBTS13CrDCSY FIT BUT
The C++ Programming LanguageICPS4CrDITS FIT BUT
The C# Programming LanguageICSS4ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Czech Art of the Second Half of the 20th Century in ContextICULS3ExKTDU FFA BUT
Czech Art of the First Half of the 20th Century in ContextICUZW3ExKTDU FFA BUT
The History and Context of Photography 1 - WinterIDF1W3ExKTDU FFA BUT
The History and Context of Photography 2 - SummerIDF2S3ExKTDU FFA BUT
Discrete MathematicsIDMW5Cr+ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Database Systems (in English)IDSeS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Database SystemsIDSS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
History of Design 1 - SummerID2LS3ExKTDU FFA BUT
History of Design 2 - WinterID2ZW3ExKTDU FFA BUT
Electronics for Information TechnologyIELW6Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Physics 1 - Physics for Audio EngineeringIFAIW6Cr+ExDPHYS FEEC BUT
Physics in Electrical Engineering (in English)IFEaW5Cr+ExDPHYS FEEC BUT
Formal Languages and CompilersIFJW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Formal Languages and Compilers (in English)IFJeW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Seminar of PhysicsIFSW2CrDPHYS FEEC BUT
Information SystemsIISW4Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Java Programming LanguageIJAS4CrDITS FIT BUT
Java Programming Language (in English)IJAeW5ClCrDITS FIT BUT
The C Programming LanguageIJCS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Machine Learning and RecognitionSURS5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Advanced Topics of Linux AdministrationILIW4ClCrDITS FIT BUT
Mathematical Foundations of Fuzzy LogicIMFW5ClCrDMAT FEEC BUT
Microprocessors and Embedded Systems (in English)IMPeS6ExDCSY FIT BUT
Microprocessors and Embedded SystemsIMPW6Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Modelling and SimulationIMSW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Digital Systems DesignINCS5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Digital Systems Design (in English)INCeW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
IT Service Design and ImplementationINIW4ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Design of Computer SystemsINPW6Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Operating SystemsIOSS5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Computer Communications and NetworksIPKS4Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
ManagementIPMAW5Cr+ExFBM BUT
Principles of Programming Languages (in English)IPPeS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Principles of Programming LanguagesIPPS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Programming SeminarIPSW2CrDITS FIT BUT
Probability and StatisticsIPTW5Cr+ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Project Practice 1 (in English)IP1eS5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Project Practice 1IP1W5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Project Practice 1 (in English)IP1eW5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Project Practice 2IP2S5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Project Practice 2 (in English)IP2eS5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Project Practice 3IP3W5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Network Applications and Network AdministrationISAW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Intelligent SystemsISDS0ExDITS FIT BUT
Scripting LanguagesISJS5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Seminar of MathematicsISMW2CrDMAT FEEC BUT
Signals and SystemsISSW6ExDCGM FIT BUT
Testing and Dynamic AnalysisITSS5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Term Thesis (in English)ITTeW5CrDITS FIT BUT
User Interface ProgrammingITUW5ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
User Interface Programming (in English)ITUeW5ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
Web Design (in English)ITWeW5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Typography and PublishingITYS4ClCrDITS FIT BUT
Introduction to Software EngineeringIUSW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Information Education and LiteracyIVGW1CrLIB FIT BUT
Selected Parts from Mathematics I.IVP1W5ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Selected Parts from Mathematics II.IVP2S5ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Practical Aspects of Software DesignIVSS5ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
BioinformaticsIV108W0ExFI MUNI
Programming Apple DevicesIZAS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Computer Graphics PrinciplesIZGS6Cr+ExDCGM FIT BUT
Introduction to Programming SystemsIZPW7Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Medical Imaging SystemsIZSLS5Cr+ExDBME FEEC BUT
Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceIZUS4Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (in English)IZUeW4Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
LAN Switching, Accessing the WAN (CCNA3+4)I2CS4ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Ph.D. Test of EnglishJADS0ExDFL FEEC BUT
Ph.D. Test of EnglishJADW0ExDFL FEEC BUT
Conversation through Hot Current IssuesJA3S3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
Conversation through Hot Current IssuesJA3W3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
English for PhD StudentsJA6DW0ExDFL FEEC BUT
Spanish for Beginners 2/2JS1S3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
Spanish for Beginners 1/2JS1W3CrDFL FEEC BUT
Data Coding and CompressionKKOS5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Convolutional Neural NetworksKNNS5ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
Culture of Speech and the Generation of TextsIKPTS5CrKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
Culture of Speech and the Generation of TextsIKPTW5CrKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
Classification and RecognitionKRDS0ExDCGM FIT BUT
CryptographyKRYS5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
MacroeconomicsIMAEW6Cr+ExIM FBM BUT
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science (in English)MATeW5ExDADM FME BUT
Modern Mathematical Methods in InformaticsMIDW0ExDADM FME BUT
MicroeconomicsIMIES6Cr+ExIE FBM BUT
Mathematical LogicMLDS0ExDADM FME BUT
Matrices and Tensors CalculusMMATS5Cr+ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Advanced Methods of 3D Scene VisualisationMMDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Molecular GeneticsMOGW3ExUCHPBT FCH VUT
Project ManagementMPRS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Modelling and SimulationMSDW0ExDITS FIT BUT
Statistics and ProbabilityMSPW6Cr+ExDM OSO FME BUT
Modern Trends in Informatics (in English)MTIaS4ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
Multimedia (in English)MULeS5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Microsoft Windows Desktop SystemsIW1W5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Microsoft Windows Server SystemsIW2S5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Programming .NET and C#IW5W5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Modern Methods of Speech ProcessingMZDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Design of Embedded SystemsNAVS5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Projecting, Administration and SecurityNSBS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
OptimizationOPMS4Cr+ExDM OSO FME BUT
Optimal Control and IdentificationORIDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Advanced Assembly LanguagesIPAS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Advanced Biometric SystemsPBDW0ExDITS FIT BUT
Advanced BioinformaticsPBIW4ExDCSY FIT BUT
Parallel Computations on GPUPCGW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Advanced Digital SystemsPCSW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Advanced Database Systems (in English)PDBeW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Advanced Database SystemsPDBW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Applications of Parallel ComputersPDDW0ExDCSY FIT BUT
Distributed Application EnvironmentPDIW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Data Communications, Computer Networks and ProtocolsPDSS5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Data Communications, Computer Networks and Protocols (in English)PDSeS5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Model-Based AnalysisMBAS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Engineering Pedagogy and DidacticsIIPDS5ExKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
Engineering Pedagogy and DidacticsIIPDW5ExKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
Computer GraphicsPGDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Advanced Computer Graphics (in English)PGPaW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Computer Graphics (in English)PGReW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Computer GraphicsPGRW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Advanced Information SystemsPISS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Advanced Communication SystemsPKSW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Project ManagerPMAS5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Advanced Techniques in Digital DesignPNDW0ExDCSY FIT BUT
Computer Vision (in English)POVaW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Computer Aided DesignIPPKS6ClCrUVEE FEEC BUT
Project Practice 1PP1S5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Project Practice 1 (in English)PP1eS5CrDIFS FIT BUT
Project Practice 1 (in English)PP1eW5CrDIFS FIT BUT
Project Practice 2PP2W5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Parallel and Distributed AlgorithmsPRLS5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Fundamentals of LawPRMS3CrILL BUT
Fundamentals of LawPRMW3CrILL BUT
Educational PsychologyIPSOS5ExKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
Educational PsychologyIPSOW5ExKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
The Principles of Testable Design SynthesisPTDW0ExDCSY FIT BUT
Regulated Grammars and AutomataRGDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Robotics (in English)ROBaW5ExDITS FIT BUT
Real-Time Systems (in English)RTSaW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Sensors and MeasurementSEMW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Semester Project (in English)SEPeW5ClCrDCSY FIT BUT
Semester ProjectSEPW5ClCrDCSY FIT BUT
Semester Project (in English)SEPaW5ClCrDCSY FIT BUT
Soft ComputingSFCW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Intelligent SystemsSINW5ExDITS FIT BUT
Linear AlgebraSLAW6Cr+ExDADM FME BUT
Complexity (in English)SLOaS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Simulation Tools and TechniquesSNTS5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Fault Tolerant SystemsSODS0ExDCSY FIT BUT
Fault Tolerant SystemsSPPS5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Strategic Management of Information SystemsSRIW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningSUIW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Systems BiologySYSS5Cr+ExDBME FEEC BUT
Theory and Applications of Petri NetsTADS0ExDITS FIT BUT
Application Development for Mobile Devices (in English)TAMaW5ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
Modern Theoretical Computer ScienceTIDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Theoretical Computer Science (in English)TINeS5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Theoretical Computer ScienceTINW7Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Programming Language TheoryTJDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Category TheoryTKDS0ExDADM FME BUT
Principles and Design of IoTTOIS5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Data Storage and PreparationUPAW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
User Experience and Design of User Interfaces and Services (in English)UXIaS5ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
Scientific Publishing A to ZVDDW0ExRE-CL BUT
Computational GeometryVGES5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Computational Geometry (in English)VGEeS5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Visualization and CAD (in English)VIZaS5ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
Selected Chapters on AlgorithmsVKDS0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Higly Sophisticated ComputationsVNDS0ExDITS FIT BUT
High Performance ComputationsVNVS5ExDITS FIT BUT
Selected Topics of Information SystemsVPDS0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Computational PhotographyVYFS5ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
Compiler Construction (in English)VYPaW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Internet ApplicationsWAPS5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Corporate EconomyIZEPW4Cr+ExIM FBM BUT
Rudiments of FundingIZFIS6Cr+ExIF FBM BUT
Fundamentals of Musical AcousticsZHAW3ExUTKO FEEC BUT
Rudiments of MarketingIZMAS5Cr+ExIM FBM BUT
Natural Language ProcessingZPDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Image ProcessingZPOS5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Image Processing (in English)ZPOeS5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Professional Practice, AbroadZPXS5CrDCSY FIT BUT
Professional Practice, AbroadZPXW5CrDCSY FIT BUT
Speech Signal Processing (in English)ZREeS5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Speech Signal ProcessingZRES5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesZZNW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Graphic Design Topics of TodayIATDW2CrKTDU FFA BUT
3D Optical Digitalization - WinterIODIW2CrSS1 FFA BUT
Digital Sculpture - 3D Print 1I3T1W2CrD3DT FFA BUT
Digital Sculpture - 3D Print 2I3T2S2CrD3DT FFA BUT
Visual Digital Game Styles 1IDH1W2CrGMS FFA BUT
Visual Digital Game Styles 2IDH2S2CrGMS FFA BUT
Applied game studies - research and designIAHSS3ExFF MUNI
Digital Games Critical AnalysesIKAHS3ExFF MUNI
Game StudiesIHSW3ExFF MUNI
Project Practice 2 (in English)PP2eS5CrDIFS FIT BUT
Data Analysis and Visualization in PythonIZVW4ClCrDCSY FIT BUT
Financial Markets for Economic IT specialistIFTEW3Cr+ExIE FBM BUT
Financial Management of the CorporateIFIMW3ClCrIF FBM BUT
E-commerce (in English)IECaW6ClCrII FBM BUT
Digital Marketing and Social Media (in English)IMMaW5ClCrIM FBM BUT
Printed Circuits and Surface Mount TechnologyIPSMS5Cr+ExUETE FEEC BUT
Audio ElectronicsIAUDS5Cr+ExUREL FEEC BUT
Security SystemsIZSYW5Cr+ExUTKO FEEC BUT
Design of Data NetworksIPDSW5Cr+ExUETE FEEC BUT
Design and Fabrication of Electronic InstrumentsINRPW6Cr+ExUMEL FEEC BUT
Robotics and Robotic ManipulatorsIRBMW4Cr+ExUAMT FEEC BUT
Communication Systems for IoTIIOTS5Cr+ExUTKO FEEC BUT
Electrical Engineering TutorialIELSW2CrUTEE FEEC BUT
Electroacoustics 1IELAW6Cr+ExUTKO FEEC BUT
Tax System of the Czech RepublicIDSYW2ClCrDFL FEEC BUT
Analog TechnologyIANAW6Cr+ExUTKO FEEC BUT
Mathematical SoftwareIMSOS3CrDADM FME BUT
Computer Physics IIIPF2W3ClCrÚFI OMMTA FME
Computer Physics IIPF1S3ClCrÚFI OMMTA FME
Business laboratoryIPLS4ClCrIM FBM BUT
Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)C1PW5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)C2PS5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Analog Electronics 1IAE1W7Cr+ExUREL FEEC BUT
Analog Electronics 2IAE2S6Cr+ExUREL FEEC BUT
Quantum Information Processing MethodsDMKZIW0ExMUNI
Physical concepts of quantum information processingIA082S0ExFI MUNI
Brno International Summer School in Information TechnologyBISSITS5ExFIT BUT
Mathematics 2IM2AS6Cr+ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Compl - Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
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