Day: 18 February 2024

We invite you to the defence of the dissertation thesis of Viktor Malík from the Department of Intelligent Systems


We cordially invite you to the dissertation defence of Ing. Viktor Malík: Static Analysis of Programs in the C Language. Under the supervision of his supervisor, Professor Tomáš Vojnar, it approaches the problem of automatic static analysis of low-level software (i.e. analysis of the software'ssource code).  The thesis proposes new original techniques in two different areas of analysis: formal verification (i.e. proving of correctness) of programs working with complex data structures and fast
light-weight static analysis of semantic differences between versions of large-scale software (such as the Linux kernel or system libraries). 

The defence will take place on 5 March at 3 pm in the meeting room C209 at the FIT BUT.

The opponents are Florian Zuleger, Associate Prof. Dipl.-Math. Dr.techn. from TU Wien and Prof. RNDr. Jan Strejček, Ph.D. from FI MU.

More information can be found here.

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