FIT will co-operate on the development of the BringAuto autonomous vehicle

The Faculty of Information Technology will co-operate on the development of an autonomous control system for the autonomous vehicle called BringAuto. Beginning next year, researchers from the Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia will train deep neural networks and "teach" the vehicle to drive itself, as a part of the new project called H2020 5G-ERA. At this point, trial runs of the vehicle are being conducted in an Ostrava industrial site, where it collects chemical samples from individual production facilities and transports them to a laboratory. In future, it may also be used to deliver shipments, serve as a food truck or disinfect buildings. You can read more about autonomous vehicles in Forbes, which mentions the co-operation with FIT as well; an article on BringAuto can be found online at     


FIT works together with Microsoft Research on protection against DoS attacks

Members of the VeriFIT group (Lenka Turoňová, Lukáš Holík, Ondřej Lengál, and Tomáš Vojnar) in collaboration with Margus Veanes from Microsoft Research (Redmond, USA) have created an innovative approach to protection against a class of DoS attacks. The idea of DoS attacks is to overwhelm the target service with such amount of traffic that it exhausts its system resources and makes the service unavailable for legitimate users. In its research, VeriFIT focuses primarily on the so-called ReDoS attacks, i.e. attacks against services using regular expressions.


FIT graduates' GINA helps Italian paramedics to handle the pandemic

The Brno-based software company GINA, founded by Brno University of Technology (BUT) graduates, together with its Italian partner Beta 80, received a grant from the European Space Agency for the development of a technology which should be of great help to Italian paramedics in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The first version is expected to be deployed by the end of this year. "This year marks the tenth anniversary of our establishment; ironically, this anniversary came at a time when our products might be needed more than ever," says Zbyněk Poulíček, one of the company's founders and a FIT graduate.


Online workshop called "Business projekty"

On Wednesday, 9 December, an instalment of the Startup Booster event series programme, an online workshop named Business projekty (Business Projects), will take place.  In this online workshop, the programme consultants Martin Jírovec and Milan Brabec will discuss market and competition analysis, business plans and differences between student and commercial projects. But most importantly, the session shall serve as a platform enabling the participants to ask questions, present their ideas, and discuss ways to take their projects further. The workshop is a part of the Star(t)up@FIT programme.


The BUT Student Entrepreneurial Spirit Award was won by Discyo, an app that can tell what you like

The BUT Student Entrepreneurial Spirit Award competition, which was held by BUT for the very first time this year, was won by the Discyo application, a project of four students from the Faculty of Information Technology. Their solution can give the user advice on what film to watch, what podcast to listen to or what videogame to play. The algorithm can tell what are the user's preferences across various media and what the user might like. The competition of student ideas is held by the Brno University of Technology in co-operation with the South Moravian Innovation Centre. For more information, read the article



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