Faculty of Information Technology, BUT


The Oracle SOA PlatformIOAW5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
IT Service Design and ImplementationINIW4ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
English for EuropeAEUW3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
Agents and Multiagent SystemsAGSeW5ExDITS FIT BUT
English: Beginners 1/2AH0W0CrDFL FEEC BUT
Processor ArchitectureACHW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Information Systems Analysis and DesignAISW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Selected Topics on Language Parsing and TranslationAPDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Parallel System Architecture and ProgrammingARCeW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Audio and Speech Processing by Humans and MachinesASDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Headway Pre-Intermediate 2BAN2W3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
New Headway Intermediate 1BAN3W3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
New Headway Intermediate 2BAN4W3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
Biometric SystemsBIOW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Information System SecurityBISW5ExDITS FIT BUT
Wireless and Mobile NetworksBMSW5ExDITS FIT BUT
Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT)C3PW4ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Advanced Methods of Processing and Analysis of ImagesDBM1W0ExDBME FEEC BUT
Statistics, Stochastic Procesess, Operational AnalysisDMA1W0ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Economics of Information ProductsEIPW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Formal Program AnalysisFADW0ExDITS FIT BUT
Formal Analysis and VerificationFAVW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
English: Preparatory Course for FCE ExamFCEW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
History and Philosophy of TechnologyFITW3CrILL BUT
Graph AlgorithmsGALW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Graphic and Multimedia ProcessorsGMUW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Graphical User Interfaces in X Window SystemGUXW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Graphical and Sound Interfaces and StandardsGZNW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Assertiveness and ConflictsHKAW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Communication SkillsHKOW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Personality PsychologyHPOW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Presentation SkillsHPRW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Hardware/Software CodesignHSCW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Leadership and People ManagementHVRW3CrDCSY FIT BUT
Assembly LanguagesIASW6Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Discrete MathematicsIDAW7ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Formal Languages and CompilersIFJW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Formal Languages and CompilersIFJeW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Seminar of PhysicsIFSW2CrDPHYS FEEC BUT
Information SystemsIISW4Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Information SystemsIISeW4Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Java Programming LanguageIJAeW5ClCrDITS FIT BUT
Microprocessors and Embedded SystemsIMPW6Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Modelling and SimulationIMSW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Digital Systems DesignINCeW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Numerical Methods and ProbabilityINMW5Cr+ExDMAT FEEC BUT
Design of Computer SystemsINPW5Cr+ExDCSY FIT BUT
Computer Communications and NetworksIPKeW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Peripheral DevicesIPZW4ExDCSY FIT BUT
Network Applications and Network AdministrationISAW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Term ProjectISPW2CrFIT BUT
Signals and SystemsISSW6ExDCGM FIT BUT
Signals and SystemsISSeW6ExDCGM FIT BUT
Circuit TheoryITOeW6ExDITS FIT BUT
User Interface ProgrammingITUW4ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
User Interface ProgrammingITUeW4ClCrDCGM FIT BUT
Introduction to Software EngineeringIUSW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
BioinformaticsIV108W0ExFI MUNI
Introduction to Programming SystemsIZPW7Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceIZUeW4Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
LAN Switching, Accessing the WAN (CCNA3+4)I2CW4ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
English for PhD StudentsJA6DW0ExDFL FEEC BUT
Spanish for Beginners 1/2JS1W3CrDFL FEEC BUT
Image and Video CompressionKOVeW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Culture of Speech and the Generation of TextsIKPTW5CrKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
MacroeconomicsIMAEW5Cr+ExIM FBM BUT
Mathematical Structures in Computer ScienceMATW5ExDADM FME BUT
Advanced Methods of 3D Scene VisualisationMMDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Molecular GeneticsMOGW3ExFCH BUT
Modelling and SimulationMSDW0ExDITS FIT BUT
Microsoft Windows Desktop SystemsIW1W5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Microsoft Windows Network TechnologiesIW3W5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Modern Methods of Speech ProcessingMZDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
OptimizationOPMW4Cr+ExDM OSO FME BUT
Advanced Assembly LanguagesIPAW5ExDITS FIT BUT
Advanced biometric systemsPBDW0ExDITS FIT BUT
Advanced BioinformaticsPBIW4ExDCSY FIT BUT
Advanced Digital SystemsPCSW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Advanced Database SystemsPDBW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Applications of Parallel ComputersPDDW0ExDCSY FIT BUT
Distributed Application EnvironmentPDIeW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Distributed Application EnvironmentPDIW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Engineering Pedagogy and DidacticsIIPDW5ExKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
Computer GraphicsPGDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Advanced Computer GraphicsPGPW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Computer GraphicsPGReW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Computer GraphicsPGRW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Advanced Communication SystemsPKSW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Project ManagerPMAW5ClCrDIFS FIT BUT
Computer VisionPOVW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Educational PsychologyIPSOW5ExKDPS DFL FEEC BUT
The Principles of Testable Design SynthesisPTDW0ExDCSY FIT BUT
Real-Time Operating SystemsROSW5ExDCSY FIT BUT
Intelligent SensorsSENW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Term ProjectSEPW5ClCrFIT BUT
Soft ComputingSFCW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Intelligent SystemsSINW5ExDITS FIT BUT
Strategic Management of Information SystemsSRIW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
Stochastic ProcessesSSPW4Cr+ExDM OSO FME BUT
Theoretical Computer Science SeminarSTIW2CrDITS FIT BUT
Specification of Embedded SystemsSVDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Application Development for Mobile DevicesTAMW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Modern Theoretical Computer ScienceTIDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Theoretical Computer ScienceTINW5Cr+ExDITS FIT BUT
Programming Language TheoryTJDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Category TheoryTKDW0ExDADM FME BUT
Compiler ConstructionVYPeW5ExDIFS FIT BUT
English: ConversationJA3W3Cr+ExDFL FEEC BUT
Corporate EconomyIZEPW5Cr+ExIM FBM BUT
Natural Language ProcessingZPDW0ExDCGM FIT BUT
Natural Language ProcessingZPJeW5ExDCGM FIT BUT
Professional Practice, AbroadZPXW5CrFIT BUT
Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesZZDW0ExDIFS FIT BUT
Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesZZNW5Cr+ExDIFS FIT BUT
Seminar of MathematicsISMW2CrDMAT FEEC BUT
Ph.D. Test of EnglishJADW0ExDFL FEEC BUT
Optimal control and identificationORIDW0ExFEEC BUT
Compl - Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
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