Degree Programmes

Information Technology

Full-Time 4 Years Title Awarded Ph.D.

Information Technology offers outstanding graduates of Master's degree a prestigious education of the highest type in the fields of informatics, computer technology and information technology.The topic of your dissertation will determine the overall character and course of your studies. A key part of teaching will be research that will examine practical skills in particular. After graduation you will find work at home and abroad. You will be a creative worker at top R & D workplaces, research and development team leaders, or a science and pedagogue at universities. You can also apply your rich knowledge in the private sector.

Information technology moves the world

1st Year

In years 1 and 2 you will focus on completing two courses of your choice, one theoretical and one vocational, focused on the area of your dissertation. You will refine the focus of your topic and report on your scientific results. You will participate in internships and conferences and network with colleagues in academia and industry.

They will pass on all their knowledge and hold you in difficult moments

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