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Day: 20 September 2019

Three students who created the Nepanikař application received the Zdena Rábová award


Students of the Faculty of Information Technology of BUT Tomáš Chlubna and Aleš Řezáč and their colleague Veronika Kamenská from FEEC received the Zdena Rábová award from Pavel Zemčík, the Dean of FIT. This award is presented to prominent personalities from among the faculty students for their active participation in science and research and for their overall contribution to the faculty's prestige.

Three students created the Nepanikař (Don't Panic) mobile application, which can provide immediate assistance to people with panic attacks or people thinking of suicide. In addition to the undisputed social benefit, the mobile application also gained considerable media attention. Currently, the application has 25 thousand downloads and contributed to saving more than thirty lives. You can read more about the application HERE.

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