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Day: 2 December 2019

FIT organizes clothes collection. Series of lectures and a library box are also in the making


Clothing you do not want to wear anymore but that can still be used will be collected from this Tuesday at FIT in room Q222. The clothes will be collected as a part of the Giving Tuesday initiative until 10 December. "We donate the clothes to people in need. We co-operate with the day-care centre of Local Charity in Žďár nad Sázavou that takes care of persons with mental and multiple disabilities," said Radka Báčová from the FIT's Project Department.

The department is planning to organise other events in the future, such as grant-funded consultations for students and researchers, series of lectures, internships for student or installation of a library box. "We welcome all those who have their own ideas on how to contribute to the social responsibility of Czech research, or would like to participate in it and do something for themselves, for their university and society," Radka Báčová added. Those interested in co-operation can contact her by e-mail at

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