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Day: 12 February 2020

An algorithm that knows what film or book you would enjoy. A FIT student received a grant to design it


Altogether eight projects received an award in the second round of the Soutěž podnikatelských nápadů (Business Ideas Competition) launched by the South Moravian Innovation Centre last autumn. Petr Buchal, a student of FIT, was one of the successful presenters. He entered the competition with his project Discover Yourself which is based on a specific algorithm. It is designed to help people choose a book, a film, or a video game they will enjoy based on their choice of various preselected criteria. "I'm sure you know that feeling when you have just finished reading a book you liked and thought to yourself that you wouldn't mind reading a similar one. But you didn't really know where and how to look for it. Petr came up with an algorithm that uses data about what you usually read, watch, listen to and play and proposes a tailored solution," describes Vojtěch Krmíček from South Moravian Innovation Centre who specialises in development of entrepreneurial creativity at schools. The young programmer estimates that the development of the application that uses the principles of machine learning will take about six months. The South Moravian Innovation Centre distributed a total of 430,000 Czech crowns among successful students to help them develop their businesses.

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