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Day: 21 April 2021

Ph.D. students are preparing development of the CubeSat satellite at BUT


The BUTCube team succeeded in the new BUT grant competition for Ph.D. students with its project dedicated to the development of a small space satellite. Over the next two years, the team will work on the development and design of a CubeSat satellite and its testing. BUTCube is the first BUT team tasked with the creation of an entire CubeSat. They also plan to use the small satellite to test a number of innovative features - for example, 3D printing with thermoplastics. Members of the team also include Ph.D. students from the Department of Intelligent Systems - Štěpán Rydlo and Petr Malaník. They will be in charge of hardware development - solar panels, battery/power management and the control unit, as well as programming the satellite. However, other FIT students who would be interested in writing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis on this topic can also join the project. You can learn more about the BUTCube project in the article (in Czech).

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