Travel to FIT

By plane

Brno has an international airport, but the number of available flight destinations is limited. International airports in Prague and Vienna, which are served by most airlines, have a good bus connection to Brno served by Student Agency buses.

  • Airport Brno-Tuřany - You will find all flight information at To/From the Airport Brno you can get very simply from the very centre of the City of Brno in the day and night with Public Transport.
  • Václav Havel Airport Prague-Ruzyně (225 km) - You can use bus connection from Ruzyně to Brno with Student Agency buses (recommended). The bus station can be find directly at the terminal. Note that you must change buses at the bus station Florenc in Prague, but you buy only one ticket for the whole trip at the airport.
  • Airport Vienna-Schwechat (130km) - We also recommend to use Student Agency buses. You can find the bus station directly at the terminal and it will get you to Brno.
  • Airport Bratislava (120km) - Brno can be reached by bus or train. But you have to travel from airport to city center to get the bus or train.

By car

Enter "Bozetechova 2, Brno" to your navigation.

From Prague (Praha)

  1. On D1, take the 1st Brno exit: Brno-zapad (Brno-west).
  2. Go straight ahead, you will pass through a tunnel. At the exit from the tunnel, follow the signs "Svitavy".
  3. Go straight ahead, the road will shrink to 2-lane when going around the river, then become 4-lane again. Follow "Svitavy" all the time.
  4. When coming to the 2nd tunnel, stay in the right lane. At the end, follow "Svitavy" - this will make you do a right turn and then a U-turn.
  5. Take the first exit following the U-turn. At the top of the ramp (traffic lights), turn left. On the next lights, go straight ahead, on the next ones - to the right. You are now on Bozetechova, the new FIT building is on your left, the old one (monastery) is on your right.
  6. Take the 1st left (Metodejova street) and immediately left - this is the entrance of FIT underground parking.

From Vienna (Viden)

FIT is located in "Kralovo Pole" at the north of Brno, which means exactly opposite direction to Vienna. This itinerary describes a bit longer, but surely faster way around Brno rather than through the center.

  1. After the sign "Brno", continue a few kilometers until you see highway signs "Praha" - E50, D1.
  2. Take the highway exit "Praha" (involves a 270 degree turn).
  3. Go a few kilometers west on the D1 highway, take the 1st exit: Brno-zapad (Brno-west).
  4. Continue from point 2. above in the directions for Prague.

Parking at FIT

At the entrance of underground parking:

  1. Call someone at FIT to announce that you have arrived and that you will need to be picked from the underground parking or
  2. Ring the bell "Vratnice", this will connect you to the reception (however, regular duty doesn't speak english).

By tram from the city center

  1. Get ticket: 25 CZK ticket in a Tobacco shop (Tabak) or orange vending machines at stops - it is good for 60 minute ride, which is well enough. Stamp it once in the tram. Tickets can be bought also from drivers but you need exact change and they're a bit more expensive.
  2. From main train station (Hlavni nadrazi) to FIT: take tram No. 1 in front of the station, direction Reckovice. Get off at the stop "Semilasso".
  3. Go a bit back and go downhill (street Metodejova) some 200m. You'll have a baroque church in front of you. The nice new glassy building on your right side is FIT building L, the entrance is some 50m on your right.


Faculty of Information Technology
Brno University of Technology
Bozetechova 1
612 66 Brno
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 5 4114 1144
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