Faculty of Information Technology, BUT


Michal Hradiš


Research worker

+420 54114-1411
DCGM Office Q201




  • Bc. Informační technologie, FIT VUT BRNO, 2005
  • Ing. Počítačová grafika a multimédia, FIT VUT Brno, 2007

My favorite links

  • Image restoration using convolutional neural networks
  • SMInterface efficient shared memory interface for sharing images between processes (uses OpneCV image structures)
  • Brno Social Interaction Dataset is used in Conversational Engagement Prediction pf D-META Grand Challenge which is part of ICMI 2012 conference. The aim of the task is to estimate the level of engagement of participants in a group video-mediated communication (conversing, responding, following, no interest). The dataset for this task consists of several audio and video recordings as could be recorded from a potential home teleconference system (see [1,2] ). Each recording captures interaction between a group of co-located participants and one remote participant, involved in activities ranging from casual conversation to simple social games. The audio and video recordings are accompanied by gaze recordings of the remote participant, manually-annotated head positions and voice activity annotations.
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