Ondřej Vašíček

Ph.D. student

+420 54114 1178
A219 Office
196303/BUT personal ID


  • 2023

    FIEDOR Jan, KŘENA Bohuslav, SMRČKA Aleš, VAŠÍČEK Ondřej and VOJNAR Tomáš. Integrating OSLC Services into Eclipse. In: Computer Aided Systems Theory - EUROCAST 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 13789. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Springer International Publishing, 2023, pp. 240-249. ISBN 978-3-031-25311-9.

  • 2022

    VAŠÍČEK Ondřej, FIEDOR Jan, KRATOCHVÍLA Tomáš, KŘENA Bohuslav, SMRČKA Aleš and VOJNAR Tomáš. Unite: An Adapter for Transforming Analysis Tools to Web Services via OSLC. In: ESEC/FSE 2022: Proceedings of the 30th ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering. Singapore: Association for Computing Machinery, 2022, pp. 1408-1418. ISBN 978-1-4503-9413-0.

  • 2018

    FIEDOR Jan, MUŽIKOVSKÁ Monika, SMRČKA Aleš, VAŠÍČEK Ondřej and VOJNAR Tomáš. Advances in the ANaConDA Framework for Dynamic Analysis and Testing of Concurrent C/C++ Programs. In: Proceedings of 27th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis. New York: Association for Computing Machinery, 2018, pp. 356-359. ISBN 978-1-4503-5699-2.

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