Ondřej Lengál



+420 54114 1178
A219 Office
78581/BUT personal ID


Consulting hours

After a previous appointment anytime (or you can try to catch me in the office and if is possible, I will try to answer your questions).

Lectured courses

FAD Formal Program Analysis
Lecture, Czech, English, winter, UITS
MAD Selected Chapters on Mathematics
Guided consultation in combined form of studies, Lecture, Czech, English, summer, UITS
SAV Static Analysis and Verification
Lecture, Czech, winter, UITS
IAM Advanced Mathematics
Exercise in computer lab, Fundamentals seminar, Lecture, Czech, English, summer, UITS
IDM Discrete Mathematics
Computer-assisted exercise, Lecture, Czech, English, winter, UMAT
IOS Operating Systems
Lecture, Czech, English, summer, UITS
SLOa Complexity (in English)
Lecture, English, summer, UITS
TIN Theoretical Computer Science
Fundamentals seminar, Project, Czech, winter, UITS
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